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What market surveys and research are needed before setting up a cassava flour processing plant?

Date:Sep 30, 2021/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

Market survey and research are the cornerstone of setting up a cassava flour processing plant, which can help investors have a deep understanding of the industry, find investment value and avoid business risks. The market surveys and research needed are government policy background, relevant procedures, plant layout, sales market, and cassava flour processing equipment manufacturer.

1.Government policy background

Before setting up the cassava flour processing plant, it’s better to do the research about the government policy background. This can help you understand not only the relevant national regulations and requirements for cassava flour processing, but also the supportive measures, such as bank loan support, fiscal and tax preferences.

2.Relevant procedures

It is necessary to complete the survey and handling of relevant procedures because it is related to whether the cassava flour processing plant can be officially set up and operated. This includes business licenses, institution code certificates, QS certificates, and sanitation licenses, and other basic insurance and operating legal documents.

3.Plant layout

The research about cassava flour processing plant layout should include two parts: plant site selection and internal planning. Cassava raw material has a period of freshness, it’s suggested to finish processing within7 days after harvest. The plant site selection is best to be close to the cassava plantation, and the internal planning should be designed in conjunction with cassava flour production process.

cassava flour processing plant internalCassava flour processing plant internal

4. Sales market

Cassava flour is widely used,market surveys and research on related sales markets can not only help investors understand the quality requirements of the sales market for finished cassava flour, but also clarify the market competitiveness of cassava flour.

5.Cassava flour processing equipment manufacturer

Cassava flour processing equipment is closely related to cassava flour processing capacity and final quality, so we must do a good job of market research and find a reliable and qualified manufacturer of cassava flour processing equipment. In this way, manufacturers can customize the most suitable cassava flour processing equipment and processing solutions, helping save investment costs and expand economic benefits.

cassava flour processing equipment processCassava flour processing equipment process

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