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What are the requirements for setting up a cassava processing factory?

Date:Oct 14, 2021/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

There are some prerequisites for setting up a cassava processing factory, includes requirements for identifying final cassava products, raising enough finance, selecting suitable factory site, purchasing excellent cassava processing machine. Once these requirements are met, the cassava processing factory can run more smoothly.

1.Identifying final cassava product

Cassava can be processed into many cassava products, such as cassava starch, cassava flour, garri, cassava chips, etc. Different cassava products require different cassava processing machines and investments budget.

2.Raising enough finance

To set up a cassava processing factory, it requires to raise enough finance in advance for the cassava processing factory, includes the investment finance for factory land, cassava processing machine, cassava raw materials, etc. Only with enough finance can cassava processing plants operate normally and smoothly.

3.Selecting suitable factory site

The selection of cassava processing factory site has an important effect on the input cost and economic benefit of cassava processing. Considering the freshness period and transportation cost, it’s suggested to select cassava processing factory site which is close to cassava plantation or cassava supplying place.

cassava processing factoryCassava processing factory

4.Purchasing excellent cassava processing machine

Excellent cassava processing machine is not only helpful to ensure the smooth operation of cassava processing factory, but also conducive to promote final cassava product output and quality. It’s recommended to purchase them from reliable cassava processing machine manufacturer, who can offer you more machine choices at a factory price.

example of cassava processing equipmentExample of cassava processing equipment

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