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What is wheat gluten?

Date:Jul 29, 2016/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

wheat gluten making

Wheat gluten making machine

Wheat Gluten is the natural protein derived from wheat flour. In its freshly extracted wet form it is known as gum gluten which when dried yields a cream-to-tan-colored, free-flowing powder of high protein content and bland taste. When re-hydrated, it regains its original characteristics. So unique is the functionality of wheat gluten and so persistent is the structural integrity after cooking, it appears to have no functional competitor.

Composition and Properties of Wheat Gluten
Wheat Gluten, a natural food protein, is the water-insoluble complex protein fraction separated from wheat flours. The separation process is accomplished by physical means from aqueous flour suspensions without additives of any kind. Wheat gluten is marketed as a cream-colored, free-flowing powder. When rehydrated, it regains virtually all of its intrinsic functionality. 
Applications of Wheat Gluten
Wheat gluten is a wheat protein concentrate that is prepared by removing starch from wheat flour and carefully drying the remaining high protein gluten in such a manner as to retain the native properties of the wheat gluten. Wheat gluten provides exceptional functionality for many industries by imparting a variety of benefits.
It can be used in a wide variety of applications including milling, bakery products, meats, pasta, breadings, and more. 

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