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Creating wealth through starch production

Date:Nov 24, 2015/ Industry news/ Chat online



        Cassava is rich in starch, and a starch recovery rate of 20 – 25% is possible. Post harvest technology is extremely limited throughout sub-Saharan Africa and it is common to see large quantities of imported starch used in local industry.Cassava starch is extremly important in both the food and non-food industries , such as glues, oil well drilling, adhesives, paper sizing and bonding, textile sizing and strengthening.

       The  demand  for  starch has increased due to extensive usage across  industries  such as  food , beverages , medicine, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and more.For instance, starch and its derived products have become important components for paper and glue production, textile weaving and finishing and the fermentation industry, meaning  increasing  opportunities  to  create employment and income generating opportunities for youths and small farmers respectively           Our company can supply the complete set starch production line , processing machine to help you get the wealth from sarch . 




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