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Corn Starch Functional Advantages

Date:Dec 12, 2015/ Enterprise news/ Chat online

Corn Starch Functional Advantages

Corn Starch 


Corn Starch Functional Advantages

Thickening & Gelling agent
    Maize starch is most commonly used as a thickening and gelling agent for puddings sauces soups, etc it provides an economical and reliable substitute to other ingredients which are unstable at higher temps.
Texture and clarity
    Corn starch helps in achieving the right degree of clarity structure and mouth feel. It is also used to achieve chewiness in gums. They are equally useful as moulding powders and as ingredients of paste food.
Binder & stabilizer (Exciepient)
    Corn starch is an effective binder as it allows homogenous dispersion of water in foodstuffs, and acts as a stabilizer. It is an ingredient of choice (along with other modified starches) in the manufacture of soups salad dressings bakery products, various desserts. It is a binder and filler or choice in the pharma industry for tabletting on the application. It acts diluents disintegrating agent.
Sizing- paper and Textiles
    Native starch is used to provide dry strength and as a surface improvement aid in alkaline papermaking, starch is a critical part of wet-end sizing it is an integral part of micro-particle retention and works as a binder water holding agent and carrier for surface sizing chemicals and other functional additives. In the manufacture of textiles starch keeps the yarn straight and strong significantly improving its ability to chemical’s withstand the stress of weaving.
Corn Sweeteners
    Native corn starch forms the basic ingredient for all corn sweeteners. A variety of enzymatic and acid-catalyzed processes are used for the manufacture of corn sweeteners which are used in food to provide clean sweet taste retain moisture, clean sweet taste retain moisture control crystallization and freezing points, contribute to texture provide gloss maintain colour inhibit spoilage and modified density. Corn sweeteners are a major commodity and include products such as Sorbitol, Malto-Dextrins, Glucose syrups, dextrose, high maltose syrups, etc.
    Corn starch is an economical fermentation feedstock to produce many organic chemicals The most widely know bio product is ethanol it is made by fermenting sugars produced from corn starch ethanol produced from corn starch promised a renewable source of fuels for care and other engines with environmental advantages.
     Another fascinating type of compound produced from corn starch by the action of a cyclodextrin-transglycosylase enzyme is the cyclodextrins (Shardinger dextrin’s cycloamyloses) cyclodextrins stabilize substance’s that are degradable by or sensitive to light heat oxygen and ions reduce volatility and bad odour transform viscous oily liquids to stable flowing powders enhance solubility and bioavailability provide retarded effect by slow release: remove unwanted flavours in juices and beverages. These properties would be useful in the fields of pharmaceutical’s  processed Food’s cosmetic’s Toiletries and Agro-chemical’s.

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