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Wheat Starch Nutrition and Usage

Date:Dec 05, 2015/ Industry news/ Chat online

Wheat Starch Nutrition and Usage

Wheat Starch Nutrition and Usage


       Wheat flour is further divided into gluten and wheat starch that can be separated when what is added and kneaded. Wheat starch is used to make one of Nagoya's celebrated cakes called Uiro that exemplifies Japanese-style Wagashi sweet taste.

      The calories in Wheat Starch per 110g  is 386 calories. Wheat Starch is calculated to be 351Cal per 100 grams making 80Cal equivalent to 22.79g with 94.6g of mostly carbohydrates、0.55g of fat、0.22g of protein in 110g while being rich in vitamins and minerals such as Iron and Phosphorus.

      Wheat starch is primarily used as a binding or thickening agent in food production. In addition to these traditional uses, it is also used to produce baked goods, soups or sauces. However, wheat starch can also be used in a variety of meat products and some dairy products.

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