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Cassava flour processing flow chart

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Cassava flour processing flow chart roughly consists of the following parts: raw material cleaning - washing - grating - dehydration - drying - sifting - packaging. The actual situation can be customized according to the requirements of the users, and large, medium and small cassava flour production lines of various configurations can be provided.

cassava flour processing flow chartCassava flour processing flow chart

The detail description of cassava flour processing flow chart:

Cassava selection

Low-moisture cassava varieties with good maturity (10-12 months) are selected for cassava flour processing, for this directly affects the recovery rate of the product and the quality of the cassava flour.


Cassava flour processing flow chart in this step requires removing impurities such as mud, stones, stems and leaves, and muddy sand adhering to the surface of the cassava when the cassava is received.


The sediment remaining on the cassava epidermis is further washed with water and some of the cassava epidermis was removed. The water consumption is about 2-3 times that of the raw materials.


The cassava is ground to obtain a cassava slurry. The cassava cell structure should be destroyed as much as possible to obtain more cassava flour in cassava flour processing flow chart.


The moisture in the cassava pulp is removed by extrusion. The pressing time should be kept within a reasonable short period of time to avoid the fermentation of the cassava slurry.


The moisture on the surface of the wet cassava flour is further removed by air drying in cassava flour processing flow chart. The drying temperature should not be higher than 60 degrees Celsius.


The cassava flour is sieved to screen the cassava flour so as to remove the large-grained cassava flour as much as possible, thereby obtaining uniform cassava flour and improving the fineness and quality of the cassava flour.


The produced cassava flour is packaged into 25kg, 50kg per pack for sale or storage. Packers should wear gloves to ensure a clean operating environment for cassava flour processing flow chart.

The quality specifications of high quality cassava flour should be white, odorless, light in taste and delicate in hand.

cassava flour processing plantCassava flour processing plant

The cassava flour processing flow chart of Doing Company automates the entire process from cleaning, grating, dehydrating, drying to screening and packaging which features with large processing capacity and short production cycle. In additation, it has the advantages of low energy consumption, high extraction rate and high cassava flour quality, which improves the production efficiency of the production line and the extraction rate.

Due to its large volume, high moisture content and perishable property, fresh cassava usually only keeps fresh for 2-3 days after harvesting. This situation has caused huge losses to farmers. Traditionally, cassava has been simply ground and dried to extend the shelf life, but this form of cassava still has a shorter shelf life. With the development of modern mechanization, cassava can now be processed into cassava starch, cassava flour, garri, cassava chips and other products, which not only prolongs the storage time, but also increases the added value of cassava. Cassava flour is an important cassava processing product that can be stored for more than 6-18 months. Therefore, it is recommended to store and process cassava in a dry form.

Doing Company can customize the cassava flour processing machine according to cassava flour processing flow chart and the user's requirements. Processing capacity of cassava flour processing equipment: processing capacity of 5 tons, 10 tons, 20 tons, 30 tons, 50 tons, 100 tons, etc.

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