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Tanzania client visit our factory about cassava processing equipment

Date:Jul 23, 2016/ Enterprise news/ Chat online

This week, we have Tanzania client visit our factory about the cassava starch/ cassava flour/ Garri processing equipment.

Cassava is an important subsistence food crop in Tanzania, especially in the semi-arid areas and sometimes considered as a famine reserve when cereals fail due to its drought tolerance. 84 percent of the total production in the country is utilized as human food, the remaining percentages are for other uses like cassava starch making, livestock feed and export. Both cassava roots and cassava leaves are of major nutritional importance in the country. The estimated annual growth of cassava consumption demand for the period from 1980 to 2000 is 3.4 percent which is similar to the estimate for maize. Cassava is cultivated and produced in all regions of Tanzania.

The situation in Tanzania is that most people do not know who to process cassava, The customer come to looking for chances to build large factory of cassava processing equipment so that we meet the requirements of local market.

cassava processing equipment

Here is the customer visiting us about cassava processing equipment

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