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What is the cost of cassava processing equipment ?

Date:May 27, 2019/ Industry news/ Chat online

In the mainstream market, the finished products of cassava processing are mainly cassava starch and cassava flour. For these two production lines, the complexity of the process and the production cycle are very different. Therefore, the cost of cassava processing equipment is different. This article examines the production of tapioca starch on the topic of cost of cassava processing equipment.

cassava processing equipmentCassava processing equipment

For example, automatic cassava starch processing equipment can complete the whole starch processing process such as raw material cleaning-pulverization-separation-filtration sand removal-dehydration-drying. The cost of cassava processing equipment will be greater than the plant without automation. The fully automatic production line has less labor, low labor intensity and high automation. And we Henan Doing Mechanical Equipment company can configure the corresponding motor according to the customer's local voltage. The corresponding factory footprint and shop size is determined by the throughput of the required production line. And the cost of cassava processing equipment is not included in the infrastructure project. The user can build the equipment foundation and use the starch tail powder collection pool.

cassava processing equipmentCentrifugal sieve

In addition to whether automated production lines or relatively simple production lines affect cost of cassava processing equipment, the yield of cassava starch is also related to cost of cassava processing equipment. The yield problem involves process problems, such as the crushing rate of cleaning, the loss of starch at high points, the crushing effect of the honing machine, the low yield of free starch, and the screening effect, which is not good in dregs. The starch will be lost, the principal stream of the refined cyclone will run the powder, the dehydrated part will run the powder, and the dry tail wind will run the powder. If you choose an unclosed jar because of the cost of cassava processing equipment, the browning of starch is unavoidable, and the whiteness of the product will be affected.

cassava processing equipmentFlash dryer

In the entire cost of cassava processing equipment accounting, the most influential is the drying process. In the production environment of large tapioca starch and tapioca flour, the advantages of the dryer are many. First, the environmental protection standard: the system operates under micro pressure, and different dust removal methods and dust removal materials are used according to dissimilar materials. (Pulse bag type dust collector, water curtain dust collector, venturi wet dust collector can eliminate environmental pollution.) Secondly, the viscous material is dried: according to different materials, the feeder and the discharger take different forms, which can meet the requirements of mechanized, continuous feeding and smooth discharge. Then the best power matching: according to different material properties (density, bulk density, viscosity, fineness, initial moisture, final moisture, angle of repose, etc.), optional blower, induced draft fan, agitator, feeder, etc., to match the power optimal.

All in all, the reason for the huge difference of the cost of cassava processing equipment is mainly have two aspects. The difference in raw materials for equipment manufacturing and the technical content of mechanical manufacturing process is different. Therefore, when choosing cassava processing equipment, you should not just focus on the price, but consider whether it is consistent with your own inclination.


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