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Different technology of corn glucose syrup production

Date:Oct 29, 2016/ Industry news/ Chat online

Everyone knows that corn glucose syrup from corn starch, During corn starch making line, the corn should  be soaked into H?SO? liquid, after the process, the sewage exceed standard seriously. Recently, the corn starch factory will not get the approval of government  because of  environmental production.

Here is the photos about corn glucose syrup production wet method technology:

old technology corn syrup production process

Old technology corn syrup production process

Description of dry method technology of corn glucose syrup production:

1. It is dry method to remove bran, germ. No water in the process, so no sewage discharge.

2. Germ for making oil, bran & protein for additive of animal feed

3. Corn powder for making glucose/maltose/fructose syrup etc.

new technology corn syrup process

New technology corn syrup process

The advantage of using corn to corn glucose syrup production directly

1. Non environmental pollution, No sewage disposal

2. Dry method  to remove peel and germ (germ for corn), byproducts for high grade  protein animal feed

3. Profit maximization, for example, during the whole process, bran & fodder flour 2%,germ 8%,high grade protein flour around 18%

4. Labor cost saving

corn powder process diagram

Corn powder process diagram

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