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Potato starch making machine in India

Date:Jul 19, 2018/ Industry news/ Chat online

As we all know, India is one of large potato planting area in the world, potato starch making machine in India also popular. And Doing company has exported potato starch making machine to India. Potato starch making process will be as follows: Potato cleaning and washing-- potato crushing-- starch and residue separating-- starch de-sanding and refining -- starch dewatering -- starch drying and packing. Below is our potato starch making machine function in each process introduction:
1.Potato cleaning and washing section
Dry sieve: dry sieve will rotate its inner spirals to remove some impurities and peels of potatoes. This part will guarantee the high quality of potato starch.
Rotary washing machine: this machine is a different washing machine compared with cassava starch washing process. It adopts counter current washing principle to make raw material flows in the converse direction against water. In potato starch making machine in India, the two are designed according to the requirements of local clients.

potato starch making machine
Potato cleaning machine

2.Potato crushing section
Rasper: rasper will be used to crush potato into a kind of mush with high efficiency. The rasper has its own advantage, it can rasp potato with high extraction rate. It not only extract combined starch but also extract free starch. The machine also adopts Sweden SKF bearing and Germany optibelt. Therefore, it can make finer starch. This machine is also a advanced machines in potato starch making machine in India.
3.Starch and residue separating section
Centrifuge sieve: the machine will be used to separate starch and residue. The machine has front and back washing system so as to guarantee normal work. The centrifugal screen is all controlled by the motor, and the centrifugal separation process is smooth, especially for potato starch production process with high working efficiency.
Fine fiber sieve: the machine has different shapes of screen meshes, so the machine can remove finer fiber. Many potato starch making machine in India are used to produce modified starch or for medical application, this machine is very necessary.

potato starch making machine

Potato starch refining machine

4.Starch de-sanding and refining section
De-sanding machine: desanding machine will used to remove some sands left in starch slurry.
5.Starch dewatering section
Vacuum filter press: the machine will be used to when the drum rotates, because of the vacuum action, the drum is formed the pressure difference between inside and outside, which causes the starch to adsorb on the filter cloth, the liquid flows through the filter cloth along the vacuum pipe to the air-water separation tank. Due to the continuous vacuum pumping, the starch adsorbed on the drum is dried to form a starch filter cake, and the starch filter cake is removed from the filter cloth by a scraper device, which completes a cycle process and enters the next cycle. In the potato starch making machine in India, the machine is very important and necessary.

potato starch making machine

Potato starch drying machine

6.Starch drying and packing section
Flash dryer: the flash dryer adopts negative pressure and cooling system to dry potato starch in a short time. Since it adopts negative system, so the working environment can keep clean.
Automatic packing machine: the packing machine is automatic, so it can save a lof labor and time.
These machines above are the Doing Company potato starch making machine in India, and the whole processing line is automatic control system. The PLC system is clear and intuitive.


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