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Potato starch production modifications and uses

Date:Jul 19, 2018/ Industry news/ Chat online

With the emergence of potato starch processing technology, more and more people are investing in potato starch processing plant. Besides food, potatoes can also be processed into potato starch. It is used for cooking flavoring. Potato starch is the most stable and thicken starch for family use.

From potato cleaning, crushing, slag removal to dehydration and drying, potato starch equipment can maximize starch production automatically.

Potato starch production modifications and uses is not only saving manpower, but also increase production. In addition, the whole process of water consumption recycling can save energy and protect the environment.

potatp starch production process

Potato starch production process brief description

Unlike our latest development of rasping machine, the machine used to smash potatoes adopts an impact crushing method at the earliest time called crusher. The traditional work method of the machine is placed on the following. After the material enters the comminuted chamber, it is impacted by six moving hammer bodies at high speed, and the ring and material are smashed by each other, then the crushed material will go through the sieve. Potato starch production modifications and uses is urgent of our company’s goal.

Superficially, the outdated crusher has the advantages of high efficiency, low noise, reliable working performance and product quality. Nevertheless, in fact, there is a great loss of starch. Potato starch production modifications and uses must be concerned because all of this will directly affect your earnings.

potato crusher

Advanced potato crusher

In the production of potato starch, breakage is a work that directly affects the extraction rate of starch. Many colleagues generally utilize hammer crushing and low line speed rasping machine to break the fresh potato. The defects of these equipment includes small treatment and low breakage rate, which cannot satisfy the requirements of high yield and quality of potato starch production. The benefits of high speed rasping machine produced by our company are the perfect preservation of starch granules and fiber structure. The potato starch production modifications and uses in the processing line is the first thing to improve the quality of potato starch. The high speed new rasping machine produced by our company has many advantages, on the one hand, it can improve the preservation of starch granules and fiber structure, on the other hand, the rate of breakage is high, so that the free rate and quality of starch can be guaranteed.

potato starch production equipment

Main potato starch production machine

After the saw blade is blunt, the wear time is the shortest. Because the clamping structure and assembly mode of the saw strip is completely changed, thus saving the strength and time and increasing the labor productivity.

Domestic counterparts usually use the hot air pulse dryer, otherwise known as the hot air pipe dryer. The working principle of the airflow dryer is to mix moist raw materials with high temperature airflow and separate the water from the raw materials by the separator, drying speed is very fast, also one of important point for our potato starch production modifications and uses. Nonetheless, according to this machine, there will be a series of problems, such as uneven heating, polluting the working environment, and greatly affecting the yield of starch. Our newly designed flash dryer can offset these disadvantages. The working process of the new type flash dryer: after the wet dehydrated material is added to the dryer, the heat transfer and mass transfer are accelerated in the drying process.

potato starch production plant

Potato starrch production plant inner overview

Potato starch has so many strengths. The market prospect is self-evident. Potato starch production modifications and uses in potato starch factory is significant in the potato starch processing line. Now more and more businessmen join the ranks of potato starch production and get huge profits.

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