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The potato starch is made from the potato. Even the potato skin is useful in the plant of industrial potato starch processing equipment. Potato starch can thicken dishes, it can be used as a thickener for soy sauce and used in the dessert industry. Potato starch has so many advantages and the market prospect is self-evident. Now more and more businessmen are engaged in the plant of industrial potato starch processing equipment and get huge profits. Even from potato cleaning, crushing, our industrial potato starch processing equipment can maximize the production of starch. It is not only save manpower, but also increase production.

Industrial potato starch processing equipment

Industrial potato starch processing equipment manufactured by DOING


The complete set of industrial potato starch processing equipment is comprised of five major sections: Washing & Crushing Sections, Screening Sections, Concentrating Sections, Drying Section and Packing Section. We doing company own our factory and entire processing line of starch extraction from potato, so we can offer you the best service, production and competitive price of potato starch extraction.

The industrial potato starch processing equipment: Dry Sieve, Paddle Washing, Cutting, Rasper, Centrifuge Sieve, Fine Fiber Sieve, Hydrocyclone Station, Vacuum Filter, Flash Dryer, Starch Sieve, Packing machine.

Industrial potato starch processing equipment

Industrial potato starch processing


The detailed information of industrial potato starch processing equipment on the following.

The first one is washing section. Dry sieve can effectively remove dirt, sand and small stones, it has the ability to avoid sewage disposal. According to multiple spiral operation, paddle washing machine can remove silts and impurities from the surface of potato. At the same time, the outer peel of potato will be simply handed by these two machines. This section also can be performed manually. The section is the very beginning step of starch extraction from potato.

The second one is crushing section. It includes cutting machine and Rasper, cutting machine can cut potato for primary crushing; Rasper is best for filing and fragmentation, so that the crushing rate will be higher. It has the features of modern design, compact structure, high speed, high rasping coefficient, even particles, high extraction rate. The advantage of it is to reduce the amount of work the next section needs to do. This crushing section adopted equipment is an important one of the industrial potato starch processing equipment, because this directly influenced the starch extraction rate.

Industrial potato starch processing equipment


The third one is screening section, in the beginning, centrifuge sieve is mainly used to separate the fiber and starch slurry. The machine is easy for installation and maintenance and with high efficiency of starch sieving. Material is stainless steel to ensure sanitation.

Then the machine fine fiber sieve will be used in the section to get rid of fine fiber in crude starch. The advantages of these two machines are higher throughput, low energy consumption and good effect of starch extraction from potato.

The fourth is concentrating section:

a. Hydrocyclone station can remove fiber, protein and cell to further process starch milk. The hydro cyclone pipe made of strengthened nylon.

b. Vacuum filter is a solid-liquid separation machine which is formed by vacuum pressure and vacuum filtration. It is the negative pressure formed at the outlet of filtrate as a driving force for filtration. The basic principle of vacuum dehydrator for starch making is that under the action of vacuum negative degree(0.04-0.08MPa), the liquid in suspension is withdrawn through filter cloth, while solid particles are withheld.

Industrial potato starch processing equipment

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The filth is drying section, flash dryer is able to reduce the loss of starch depends on negative pressure system and guarantee the high standards of final project.

The sixth is sieving section, the function of starch sieve is classification the starch in accordance with the different mesh.

Last but not least, automatically packing system and control system will improve the work efficiency and meet different needs.

It is all the introduction of industrial potato starch processing equipment showed in the above. Potato can made into potato starch and it has high economic value, so the industrial potato starch processing equipment will have acquire high return on investment.

Potato starch is widely used in textile, petroleum mining, feed and food industries, especially the development of the international and domestic food market, which makes the demand of high precision potato starch and industrial potato starch processing equipment increasing, and potato starch has other natural properties that cannot be replaced by other starch. It has become the first choice product in the starch processing industry at home and abroad, and has the characteristics of wide market and good market prospects.

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