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Complete tapioca milling machines plant

Date:Jan 15, 2016/ Enterprise news/ Chat online

Tapioca is mainly distributed in Africa, which is an important source of edible amylum. Besides, the tapioca can be engaged in producing various products of tapioca starch, tapioca flour, tapioca pellet, tapioca chips through cassava milling machines. Our company will be able to help entrepreneurs to build tapioca flour or tapioca starch processing plant. We will provide project execution, profit and market analysis, cassava processing facilities and equipments and so on. We have much experience and advanced technique as our important foundation.

The roots of tapioca are the major constraint, which deteriorate rapidly. Cassava roots have 24-48 hours shelf-life after harvest, so the roots have to be processed within 2 to 3 days from harvest. This tapioca processing requires equipments for peeling, grating, boiling, fermenting, drying, frying and milling.

tapioca flour

tapioca flour


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