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How is corn syrup made video

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Before answer the question how is corn syrup made, you can see the video show you all syrup equipments serviced for corn syrup made. As we all known, the cron syrup is made from the starch (mainly is the corn starch ). But now we have the new technology can made the glucose syrup from corn directly, don't need to process the corn to starch firstly, just requests one corn milling machinery to crush corn to corn power. Production of corn syrup can be subdivided into the following process areas of liquefaction, saccharification, and purification. Of course, except these three process, also some others details made process of the production of how is corn syrup made video.

how is corn syrup made video

Corn syrup made used machines

After you see the video, it's proud to tell you that our corn syrup made technology and machinery with higher advantages:

1. Use starch enzyme method to made corn syrup, combined with two section eject liquefaction technology, divided part to control temperature guarantee the corn flour fully liquefaction, killing enzymes entirely, denature protein completely, not return to life, adjust the DE value in 10%-17%, high starch using and changing rate.

2. Vacuum flash heating made method adopted to seperate the corn folur with hide trimmings under high temperature condation, guarantee the protein and fat seperate from syrup liquid thoroughly, seperation rate more than 90%.

3. Two time counterflow decolorization technology with active carbon used, long time adsorption, the filter layer adsorption ability of corn syrup liquid protein, residual fat, color, ash is strong, also strongly in the syrup liquid organic impurities removal ability, minimize protein and fat color effect on corn syrup, guarantee products colorless and long quality keeping life.

how is corn syrup made video

Main machines ued for corn syrup made under manufacturing

4. Two degree ion exchange column for corn syrup purification, completely remove the ash and ions, get high purity corn syrup. This ion exchange column also showed for you in the howo is corn syrup video.

5. Our corn syrup made technology equipped with whole line water and vapor recovery design, saving your water and energy, decrease the cost.

6. Under equal corn syrup made capacity, Doing Company offered corn syrup production line total investment just one third compared with traditional production method.

To sum up, our how is corn syrup made video also can show you the advanced nature of our processing power and technology. Next is the divided section introduction as the video show:

how is corn syrup made video

Main machines ued for corn syrup made

1-Mixing Process: The mixing process will mix the corn powder and certain water to get the certain density slurry. Then add the enzyme and keep on the temperature for particular time to make sure corn powder absorbing water entirely.

2-Liquefaction Process: The liquefaction process will convert the corn powder into liquid dextrin. The slurry will be sprayed at a certain high temperature by jet cooker. With the add of enzyme, the corn powder will be converted into liquid dextrin.

3-Deproteinization Process: The deproteinization process will separate the protein and other solid impurities from liquid dextrin by filter press. The liquid dextrin will be pumped to next process, the corn protein cake can be left for sale as animal feed.

4-Saccharification Process: The saccharification process change the liquid dextrin into certain DE (Dextrose Equivalent)value then corn syrup with the add of glucose enzyme in the tank. This process should be under specific temperature for certain hours. After this process we will get the yellow color corn syrup.

5-Decolorization Process: The decolorization process aimed to remove the color from corn syrup by activated carbon. After corn syrup reaches the certain DE value, it will be pumped from saccharification tank into the decolorization tank, then mix with activated carbon at a certain temperature. After this, we can get colorless corn syrup.

6-Decarburization Process: The decarburization process mainly separate the activated carbon from the glucose syrup by filter press to get clear glucose syrup. The glucose syrup will flow into the slot and the transfer tank for next step. The activated carbon will be left.

7-Ion Exchange Process: The ion exchange process use the resin to remove the ions foreign items and bad odor to get high quality pure corn syrup. The resin need regeneration by acid and alkali washing after working for a certain time. Doing Company ion exchange in the how is corn syrup made video is very important, below is its working principle flow chart:

how is corn syrup made video

Ion exchange system working principle

8-Evaporation Process: The evaporation process mainly used to evaporate the excess water inside the corn within a short time. Usually use multi-effect evaporator work together with the single effect evaporator, can working high speed and guarantee final corn syrup quality, better performance than just one evaporator used.

9-Final Corn Syrup Storage: Corn syrup storage requests special storage tank, Doing Company storage tank fully made by stainless steel, designed and made by corn syrup properities, with large capacity, meet all corn syrup storage requests, serviced for next shippment and package.

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