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How does a flash dryer work ?

Date:Aug 22, 2019/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

Flash dryer is a commonly used dryer machine, which is widely used for drying cassava starch, cassava flour food, potato starch, sweet potato starch and so on. Compared with other dryer machine, it has wide application range, high output and good drying effect, simple structure, high speed and high efficiency. Some customers are curious about how does a flash dryer work. To know this question, you must firstly know its working principle.

how does a flash dryer workFlash dryer

Flash dryer work principle:

Knowing the principle of air dryer, you will have a basic understand for how does a flash dryer work. Airflow flash dryer is a kind of starch drying equipment with large capacity and high efficiency. It uses the principle of instant drying, using the rapid movement of hot air to suspend wet materials in hot air. By fully mixing wet raw materials and hot airflow, it dry material rapidly and separate the water from the raw materials through the separator. In this way, the whole drying process is strengthened and the heat and mass transfer rate is improved. For materials that pass through the air stream, the uncombined moisture is almost completely removed, and the dried materials will not deteriorate. The output of the flash dryer is significantly higher than that of the general dryer, which enables users to obtain higher economic benefits in a short period of time.

how does a flash dryer workFlash dryer structure

After knowing its working principle, knowing its working procedure can help you better know how does a flash dryer work. Here is its working procedure:

1. After the flash dryer is installed, start the fan and check the fan rotation direction and whether the feeding inlet have normal suction.

2. Check the flange joints for air leakage.

3. Tie cloth bags with two ends of openings at the feeding outlet of the separator.

4. Add the material to be dried at the feeding port, and remove the large particles before drying, which is beneficial to increase the drying speed.

5. Add fuel to the furnace to ignite and turn on the fan. When the temperature at the wind outlet is as high as 150 °C, start drying material.

6. Timely remove the bulk material in the slag discharge port to facilitate the feeding.

how does a flash dryer workDOING flash dryer installed in Tanzania

After reading the above, you may know how does a flash dryer work, if you have more questions, we have professional engineer for your consultation. Henan Doing Machinery is a professional cassava processing machine manufacturer, except flash dryer, we can also provide complete set of cassava processing machine for you.

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