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How to make cassava flour?

Date:Mar 29, 2018/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

Cassava flour is different with cassava starch, it is usually powder particles, make according cassava peeling, crushing and drying process, nowadays, to get large capacity, cassava flour making by industrial production line. Cassava flour can be twisted to a ball, after heating and cooking in hot water, can be eat, looks transparent, taste flexible. In daily life, the small ball  in milk tea, dessert, beverage usually made by cassava flour. With the develop of cassava flour application in food making, more people turned their eye on cassava flour making, then how to make cassava flour? Doing Machinery give you an answer:

how to make cassava flour

How to make cassava flour

Technical process:
Fresh cassava-cassava cleaning system-cassava peeling-cassava crushing-wet cassava flour presss dewatering-further drying-cassava flour sieving.

Main cassava flour making machine:
Dry sieve-cassava peeling machine-crushing machine-frame filter press machine-air dryer-vibration sieve-packing machine

Following is the detail introduction of how to make cassava flour:

1. Cassava cleaning system: usually use two machines dry sieve and paddle washer

Dry sieve: we all know that cassava is bigger than other potatoes, dry sieve main function is remove the dirt, sand, or other impurities which mixed with cassava.

Paddle washer: mixed cassava with water, fully remove the soil in cassava surface.

how to make cassava flour

Cassava cleaning system

2. Cassava peeling machine:

We have two types cassava peeling machine, full stainless steel type with newest technology and carbon steel type with contact materials parts stainless steel. You can select as your needs. Of course, the full stainless steel type is better.

how to make cassava flour

Cassava peeling machine

3. Cassava crushing machine:

After peeling, use Doing cassava crushing machine to get cassava flour, this time cassava flour with high water content. If you request more fine cassava flour, you can select our new type rasper.

how to make cassava flour

Cassava crushing machine

4. Cassava flour press dewater: Use plate and frame filter press to dewater, after this, cassava flour water content less than 40%.

5. Air drying: after air drying, cassava flour water content will be 12%-14%, reach the requests.

how to make cassava flour

Air dryer

6. Vibraction sieve: to get uniform flour with high quality.

In conclusion, this is Doing Company industrial cassava flour making line and technology process of make cassava flour.

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