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Gluten extraction machine

Working process of double screw wheat gluten extraction machine:

Wheat flour-dough preparation-dough washing-gluten separation

gluten extraction machineGluten extraction machine

Detaied description of gluten extraction machine:

1. First,put the water into the hopper,then put the suitable flour into the hopper,mix them together.The water and flour ratio is 0.5/1.

2. The first mixing time is around12 mintues,with clockwise rotation 5-6 minutes, then reverse about 5minutes

3. The dough keep generally for not less than 12 minutes.

4. Put equal water into the hopper again,then open the machine to work about 3 minutes,then stop,let the flour batter flow through the hole of machine.

5. The machine moved to points,connect the filter on the hopper when the flour batter flow .

6. The second washing time will be less than 5 minutes.repeat 2 or 3 times ,then can get the gluten finally. Please clean the hopper after get the gluten out from the hopper.

gluten extraction machineGluten

Features of gluten extraction machine:

1. With our own national patent

2. Stable running

3. Energy saving

4. High effeciency

Parameters of gluten extraction machine

Model Output (kg/h) Power (kw) Outer size (mm)
SLM250 25Okg/h 6 2600 ×1000×1150
SLM500 50Okg/h 11 3000×1200×1200
SLM750 75Okg/h 15 3400×1400×1250


Application of gluten extraction machine

1.Wheat gluten production line

2.Wheat starch production line

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