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Gluten making machine

The stallation and use of gluten making machine

1.Ensure the reverse direction of rotation of the two axis

2.Gluten making machine must be installed on level ground, tighten the foot bolt

3. Make sure water temperature around 20℃

4.Ensure the drive system work normal before turn on gluten making machine

5. Washing the dough 3-5 times to get final gluten.

Gluten making machineGluten making machine

Main features of gluten making machine

1. Simple structure, excellent performance, gorgeous appearance.

2. Gluten making machine can complete the entire process of dough kneading, washing, discharging and filtration at one time, which is high efficient and energy saving.

3. Easy to operate and maintain, excellent after-sales service.

4. Bucket of gluten making machine can be turned the dough, to facilitate drainage, which is clean and hygiene.

Gluten making machineGluten making machine

Detailed introduction about the usage of gluten making machine:

1. Before the start-up, pour the wheat flour into the hopper according to the ratio of 1 kg of dry flour with 0.6-0.7 kg of water, and then pour the flour into the bucket to start.

2, Knead dough : Kneading dough 5-6 minutes of clockwise, then reverse for 5-6 minutes, began to stop the gluten for a few minutes, it will be better to cover a wet cloth on the dough.

3, Wating: waiting at least 12 minutes in gluten making machine.

4, Washing dough: pour 30 kg of water into the bucket, start to washing dough, stop the gluten machine after 3 minutes to discharge the slurry.

5, Slurry discharging, filtration: the splitter is moved to the position, the filter is inserted into the bucket when gluten making machine starts to discharging, unil the slurry is discharged fully.

The second washing time is no more than 5 minutes, and the second wash time can be longer.

After comprehensively washing, discharging and filtering for four times in steps 4 and 5, remove the raw gluten and clean the dough. And the entire operation of the gluten making machine ends here.

The gluten making machine can handle 50 kg of flour for about 45 minutes. For 11kg of dry flour, 0.45 kg of wet gluten can be washed out.

Gluten and gluten foodGluten and gluten food

Technical parameter of gluten making machine

Model Output (kg/h) Power (kw) Outer size (mm)
SLM250 25Okg/h 6 2600 ×1000×1150
SLM500 50Okg/h 11 3000×1200×1200
SLM750 75Okg/h 15 3400×1400×1250


Application of gluten making machine

1.Wheat gluten production line

2.Wheat starch production line

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