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Food waste dewatering machine

As people's living conditions getting better and better, the varieties of food waste generated from it are becoming more and more diverse, which not only causes major problems for sanitation work, but also pollutes the environment. How to solve food waste? In order to solve this problem, Doing Company specially designed and developed a special food waste dewatering machine.

food waste dewatering machineFood waste dewatering machine

Scope of application

This food waste dewatering machine is suitable for the dehydration of food waste before or after fermentation; such as grape skin residue after fermentation, ginger, spinach, Chinese herbal medicine, kitchen waste treatment and other fruit and vegetable juice containing certain fiber.

food waste dewatering machineFood waste dewatering machine

Principle of use:

Pumping food waste into the pump of the extruded auger and sieving screen, and then performing spiral extrusion, there is a drain outlet to discharge the separated water, and the other port is the slag outlet. The water content of the material after dewatering is between 40% and 60%. s and wetness of the slag discharge, and the pressing effect thereof may be different due to different materials. The slag outlet of the food waste dewatering machine can change the pressure effect on the material by adjusting the spring pressure or oil pressure, so as to adjust the drying degree of slag discharge. The squeezing effect will vary with different materials.

food waste dewatering machineFood waste dewatering machine ready for delivery

The food waste dewatering machine consists of a frame, a transmission system, a feeding part, a juice extracting part, a hydraulic system and a shroud and a level control part. The spiral is divided into three parts: the spiral feeding, the thickening zone, and the pressing spiral. The pressing of the material is realized by pressing the sieve cylinder and the material stopping device, and the extrusion of the material is realized by the blocking door and the backing screen cylinder of the material outlet.

The hydraulic system of food waste dewatering machine is supplied with pressure oil by a gear pump, and the pressure of the hydraulic system is controlled by a pressure adjustable relief valve; the cylinder is fixed to the tail support seat, and the piston rod of the rotatable hydraulic cylinder is connected with the rotating material outlet blocking force gate, through the piston rod extend the size of the material outlet; the dryness and wetness of slag can be controlled at any time according to requirements.

food waste dewatering machineFood waste dewatering machine

Technical parameters of food waste dewatering machine:

Model Power(kw) Speed range(r/m) Weight(t) Capacity(t/d) Floor space(m²)
M-250 7.5 125-1250 0.75 40 2.1
M-300 11 125-1250 1.1 70 2.1
M-350 11 125-1250 1.5 90 2.1
M-400 15 125-1250 2.0 120 5.04
M-450 15 125-1250 3.5 160 5.04
M-500 18.5 125-1250 5.0 200 5.04

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