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Screw press dewatering equipment

Screw press dewatering equipment uses:

This equipment is suitable for dewatering living garbage, water hyacinth, fruit pulp, plastic, chemical, discarded vegetable leaves, and waste waste containing long fiber material stems, so as to reduce the water content and volume in the press material as well as reducing the gas and land occupied by the press material in the process of incineration and landfill.

The middle part of the screw press dewatering equipment is provided with a feeding box, and the material to be dehydrated is sent into the box, and the juice squeezed by the spiral flows into the juice tray through the sieve cylinder, and then flows out from the juice outlet tube. The dehydrated slag cake is discharged through the outlet at the end of the sieve cylinder.

screw press dewatering equipmentEquipment dewatering for gabage and sludge

Working process of the screw press dewatering equipment:

The conveying screw pushes the material entering the tank to the pressing screw, due to the pitch of the pressing screw is reduced and the shaft diameter is increased, the liquid (juice) contained in the material is squeezed out under the action of the screen wall and the cone-shaped resistance. The extruded liquid flows out of the sieve hole and is concentrated in the juice hopper. The pressed pomace is discharged out of the machine between the end of the sieve cylinder and the cone. The rear part of the screw press dewatering equipment is equipped with a spring. By adjusting the preloading force and position of the spring, the displacement resistance and the size of the slag opening can be changed to adjust the dryness and wetness of the press. The 5, 10, 20 ton/hour press is a double helix,rotating in opposite directions, the pressing force on the material is large and uniform, and the taper of the tap hole is controlled by the hydraulic cylinder. The oil pressure can be adjusted to change the pressing effect on the material, and the juice rate can be adjusted. The machine can also be used for solid-liquid separation of other materials, the effect of which has a certain difference due to the different quality of materials. The feeding box, sieve cylinder and screw of the screw press dewatering equipment are made of high quality acid and alkali resistant 304 stainless steel.

screw press dewatering equipmentScrew press dewatering equipment inner structure

Product manual:

1. Extract juice from all kinds of fruit and vegetables such as skin residue, sea buckthorn fruit, broken ginger and bamboo shoots;

2. Dehydration of rice bran distiller's grains after fermentation, cassava residue after biogas fermentation; dehydration of Gynostemma pentaphyllum, stevia, Chinese cabbage, urtica, celery, slag, chrysanthemum, etc.; screw press dewatering equipment can also be used for dehydration of wood, wheat straw, straw, reed, etc.;

3. Press and dewatering in the environmental protection industry such as garbage in the vegetable market and household garbage;

Equipment composition:

The screw press dewatering equipment mainly consists of frame, feeding part, pressing part,transmission part and electric control part. The double helix includes a reversely rotating conveying screw and a pressing screw; the single screw press has a powerful feeding device and a retaining device, and the screw is divided into the feeding screw,the pressing screw, and the squeezing screw.

screw press dewatering equipmentScrew press dewatering equipment

Equipment advantages:

It has the characteristics of high strength, large bearing pressure, no deformation, no clogging, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, no slippage, convenient maintenance and long service life. The screw press dewatering equipment can be used in a single equipment or in multiple units for better results. The slag outlet can change the pressure exerted on the material by adjusting the spring pressure or the oil pressure, thereby adjusting the dryness and wetness of the slag discharge, and the pressing effect thereof may be different due to different materials.

Compared with the horizontal screw machine, plate and frame filter press and vacuum suction filter, this screw press dewatering equipment has high cost performance and excellent performance. It is widely used in the juice extraction of fruit wine and juice industry as well as other solid materials in brewing, chemical, biological and environmental protection industries. Liquid separation, the water content of the material after dehydration by this machine is about 60% (depending on the material).Doing Company is a professional screw press dewatering equipment manufacturer, welcome to contact us.

Technical parameters of screw press dewatering equipment:

Processing capacity 1--30T/H
Diameter 260-860mm
Screw pitch 160-800mm
Rotating speed 12r/min
Screen cylinder clearance 0.2-2.5mm


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