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Client in Nigeria bought cassava flour processing machine again from Henan Jinrui !

Date:Jul 03, 2021/ Enterprise news/ Chat online

On June 30, 2021, Henan Jinrui Company received the deposit from the Nigerian client for the purchase of cassava flour processing machine. The machine purchased by the client includes dry sieve, the paddle washing machine and cassava peeling machine. This is the second time that the client has purchased cassava flour processing machine produced by Henan Jinrui Company since 2019.

Client's Payment for cassava flour processing machineClient's cassava flour processing machine

In 2019, the client began to select reliable and professional manufacturers of cassava flour processing machine worldwide, which was the first time the client entered the cassava processing industry. Considering the local water and electricity resources, the cassava flour processing machine should meet the relevant technical requirements of energy saving, water saving, power saving, resource loss reduction and good quality. In order to purchase the machine suitable for the company's business projects and processing requirements, the client carefully and responsibly compared with many manufacturers. Henan Jinrui Company's high quality cassava flour processing machine and rich experience in engineering installation attracted the interest of clients.

In the past three years, the client has been keeping close contact with Henan Jinrui Company and warmly invited us to visit his cassava flour factory for many times. According to the client feedback, the cassava flour processing plant had machine has been running steadily in the past three years,which won the client's recognition and trust for its features of simple operation and low energy consumption. And the running state of cassava flour has been very stable and it has brought him good income. The customer is very optimistic about the development of the cassava flour processing industry and decided to expand the production scale.Therefore, when the production demand expanded and the semi-automatic production line needed to be transformed into an automated production line, the client did not hesitate to purchase the cassava flour processing machine from Henan Jinrui Company again.

cassava flour processing machinecassava flour processing machine

Now more and more people have realized the potential of cassava flour processing business and the profit is immeasurable. If you have interest in it, and want to know more information about the machine, welcome to contact us. Henan Jinrui Company has specialized in waste recycling machinery morn than ten years, and we will give you our best support.


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