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Welcome you to inspect the new cassava grating machine of Doing Holdings-Henan Jinrui

Date:Dec 21, 2020/ Enterprise news/ Chat online

Doing Holdings-Henan Jinrui newly produced a batch of cassava grating machines. Now, they have been installed in Henan Jinrui's factory as model machines for customer inspection. Henan Jinrui is here to take you to a preview of this new cassava grating machine.

cassava grating machineThe image of new cassava grating machine

The new cassava grating machine is an upgrade to the previous cassava grating machine of Henan Jinrui. The upgraded cassava grating machine is more convenient for users to feed in cassava, the machine has a faster crushing speed and better crushing effect.

The new cassava grating machine can achieve three functions: crush cassava, filter cassava starch slurry and separate starch slurry from cassava fiber. Therefore, you only using this machine can complete the three steps of the cassava process: coarse crushing, fine graing, and automatic filtration and separation of cassava pulp and fiber.

cassava grating machineThe old and new cassava grating machine of Henan Jinrui

In addition, The new cassava grating machine's special device for separating starch slurry and fiber will wash the broken cassava with water twice during the separation process. This step will fully separate the cassava starch and fiber and improve the extraction rate of cassava starch.

This new cassava grating machine is not only multi-functional, but also easy to maintain, low energy consumption, and low price. It is very suitable for small and medium cassava starch processing plants.

cassava grating machineSide view of the new cassava grating machine

As a professional cassava processing machine supplier, Henan Jinrui has been studying and innovating in the cassava processing industry for more than ten years. We have many cassava processing machine installation projects, so we have rich experience in cassava processing machine installation. If you plan to start cassava processing business or pursue more efficient cassava grating machine, please leave us your contact information and we will match you with an excellent machine.


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