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How much is the starch refining machine hydrocyclone of Henan Jinrui?

Date:Jan 04, 2021/ Enterprise news/ Chat online

Henan Jinrui's starch refining machine hydrocyclone has high starch extraction rate, large processing capacity, fast processing speed, and is widely used (it can be used for cassava starch refining, sweet potato starch refining and potato starch refining) and is well received by customers. Therefore, in the starch production process, Henan Jinrui will strongly recommend it to customers. Is this starch refiner hydrocyclone with so many advantages expensive? How much is the starch refining machine hydrocyclone of Henan Jinrui? Henan Jinrui will offer you a price here.

The all-stainless steel starch refining machine hydrocyclone is more expensive than carbon steel mixed stainless steel starch refining machine hydrocyclone.

Because starch is corrosive, all parts of Henan Jinrui's hydrocyclone that are in contact with starch are made of stainless steel. If your investment is limited, you can choose stainless steel mixed carbon steel hydrocyclone. This hydrocyclone is made of carbon steel except for the part in contact with starch. This design prevents the hydrocyclone from being corroded,and is low in cost and low in price. If you have sufficient funds, you can choose an all stainless steel hydrocyclone. All stainless steel hydrocyclones are more beautiful and easy to clean and maintain.

starch refining machine hydrocycloneThe all stainless steel hydrocyclone of Henan Jinrui

The starch refining machine hydrocyclone with more series stages is more expensive than starch refining machine hydrocyclone with fewer series stages.

The hydrocyclone is composed of 18-stage cyclones in series. The 18-stage cyclone has the functions of recovery, concentration and refining. The number of series of hydrocyclones can be adjusted according to your actual situation. Under normal circumstances, Henan Jinrui recommends full-stage hydrocyclones to users, because the more cyclones in series, the better the effect of hydrocyclones to refine starch. The price of hydrocyclones with more cyclones in series is higher.

The starch refining machine hydrocyclone with a large output is more expensive than starch refining machine hydrocyclone with a small output.

In order to meet customers with different production needs, Henan Jinrui has designed three types of hydrocyclones with capacity of 3-4t/h, 5-6t/h, and 7-8t/h. The output of hydrocyclones is more Larger, more expensive, you can choose according to your actual production needs.

starch refining machine hydrocycloneThe 18-stage series hydrocyclone of Henan Jinrui

If you want to know the specific price of starch refining machine hydrocyclone, please contact us or leave us your contact information. Our professional project manager will provide you with a reasonable quotation according to your needs.


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