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Cassava grinding machine technology updating in Nigeria

Date:Dec 20, 2018/ Industry news/ Chat online

In Nigeria, cassava is the most important root crop, and only cassava accounts for about 45% of Nigeria's agricultural GDP. Cassava roots are used to make different types of local foods such as cassava starch, cassava flour and garri. Cassava grinding machine in Nigeria plays an important role in these cassava making process.


Traditional cassava grinding machine in Nigeria include: millstone, grinding stone, pestle and mortar.

The traditional cassava grinding machine in Nigeria is to place a local grinder made of perforated metal sheets on a table that is easy to use and rub the cassava against the metal sheets. The cassava becomes pulp and is then dripped into a container for collecting ground cassava.

Another traditional cassava grinding machine in Nigeria is a kind pedal-operated ccassava grinding machine that is operated by the power applied to the pedals. The grinder grinds the cassava tubers into a paste, which can be filtered through a sieve. The design has an effective performance of 60%.

cassava grinding machineTraditional cassava grinding method

Due to the traditional cassava grinding machine in Nigeria has low production efficiency and poor sanitary conditions. More and more new types of cassava grinding machine came into being.

The new cassava grinding machine in Nigeria mainly includes: hammer crusher and rasper. These devices can design and manufacture high-quality cassava machines in a short period of time, reducing human labor.

Hammer crusher

This type cassava grinding machine in Nigeria uses a high-speed rotating hammer to crush the cassava pieces, and the particles leak out of the sieve. It has the advantages of strong versatility, convenient for usage and maintenance, good resistance to hard materials, etc. It adopts a water droplet type structure, uniform material grinding, low energy consumption and high output; In addition, this cassava grinding machine is equipped with a uniquely designed sieve mechanism and mobile inspection door, whihc is easy and convenient for screen installation and equipment maintenance.

cassava grinding machineHammer crusher


This is the newes type of cassava grinding machine in Nigeria. Doing Company as a cassava processing machine manufacturer, we design and manufacturer a high efficient rasper based on absorbing advanced technology from home and abroad and the combination of production experience. The grinding efficiency is as high as 95%. The cassava grinding machine adopts a double file structure, which not only greatly improves the grinding efficiency, but also consumes less energy. The rotation speed is high, the material is finely ground, the particles are uniform, and the starch quality is high. In addition, the unique mesh quick clamping device of the cassava grinding machine facilitates the disassembly of the screen. The hopper enables the material to pass effectively and the loss is small.

cassava grinding machineCassava grinding machine - Rasper

The traditional cassava grinding machine in Nigeria is low efficiency and time consuming. Mechanization is necessary for cassava processing to reduce costs and minimize waste. Doing Machinery is a professional manufacturer of cassava deep processing machine, mainly engaged in research and development, design, production and sales of cassava deep processing machine. DOING not only manufacture different mode of cassava milling machine, but also provide complete sets of cassava processing machine for processing cassava starch, cassava flour and garri. Should you have any interest in cassava grinding machine, welcome to contact us.

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