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Cassava starch equipment ordered by Australian customer successfully delivered

Date:Mar 08, 2019/ Enterprise news/ Chat online

In 2018.3,  cassava starch equipment purchased by Australian customer from Doing Machinery was successfully sent from Qingdao Port in China to his cassava starch processing plant in Tanzania. Below is the equipment delivery photo:

cassava starch equipment

The customer has a factory in Tanzania and wants to run a cassava processing plant. He found us on DOING website a year ago and wanted to buy our cassava processing equipment. Since he had not done any cassava-related business before, he wanted to buy a cassava chip processing machine at first, and the cassava chips produced can be sold to an alcohol processing plant. A year later, the customer contacted us again and this time he wanted to purchase our cassava starch equipment. Because he learned that cassava starch is not only has great demanding in international market, but also has wide application, so he decided to run a cassava starch processing plant. Coupled with Tanzania's convenient transportation, the produced cassava starch can be exported to China, the United States and other countries. And the customer finally made up his mind to set up a cassava starch processing plant. After comparing several cassava starch equipment suppliers, our equipment won the trust of customers with high cost performance, exquisite craftsmanship and excellent design. He ordered a set of cassava starch equipment of 10TPH.

cassava starch equipmentCassava starch processing plant

At present, DOING engineers have successfully helped the customer complete the installation and commissioning work of cassava starch equipment. The Australian ustomer is very satisfied with our equipment and services. He is willing to establish long-term cooperation with us. Doing Company is a professional manufacturer of cassava deep processing equipment. DOING can provide you with one-stop service from equipment manufacturing to installation and commissioning.Leave us a message for cassava starch equipment.

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