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How to improve cassava grating machine working efficiency for cassava processing ?

Date:May 27, 2019/ Enterprise news/ Chat online

As the cassava grating machine in cassava processing, the breakage rate of rasper is one of the decisive factors for the production of cassava, and its importance is self-evident. So how to make the role of cassava grating machine in the cassava production line more fully and create greater value is a topic of concern to every cassava processing plant. In order to make the role of cassava grating machine in the cassava production line more fully, the following non-standard phenomena in operation should be avoided, so as to avoid damage to the machine and prolong the service life of the equipment.

cassava grating machineRasper for cassava & potato grating

1. Do not maintain machine in time. During the use of the cassava grating machine, the screws of the internal parts of the machine or the screws of the fixed machine may become loose due to log time of use. This requires regular reinforcement of the machine's screws.

2. Do not replace the lubricant with the machine timely. After cassava grating machine has been used for a period of time, the internal lubricant will reduce the lubrication effect, and the debris falling off during the operation of the machine will also increase the wear of the machine. Therefore, when the lubricant has been used for a while, it must be replaced in time. And after the replacement, use kerosene to thoroughly clean the inside, which can reduce the wear and tear on the machine.

3. Do not wash machine regularly. For any device, regular cleaning is necessary to extend the life of the machine. After using the cassava grating machine for a period of time, there are some residual cassava slag left, which may affect the quality of the starch in the next production, so the equipment needs to be cleaned regularly.

cassava grating machineWashing cassava grating machine

4. The internal temperature of the machine is too high. When cassava grating machine is in normal use, there will be no problem of excessive temperature. However, some manufacturers will keep the equipment working around the clock in order to increase the output. The cassava grating machine will generate a lot of heat due to friction during use. If the heat cannot be dissipated in time, accumulation in the machine will reduce the service life of the machine. Therefore, always pay attention to the internal temperature when using the machine. If the machine temperature is too high, stop it in time, and then use it when the temperature is reduced.

5. Add raw materials unevenly. During the use of the equipment, if too much raw material enters the machine, the machine will be damaged due to excessive load. So when using cassava grating machine, it is necessary to adjust the conveyor to evenly add cassava raw materials.

cassava grating machineCassava grating machine

The above is a summary of the issues need to be pay attention to when using cassava grating machine summarized by Henan Doing Company. Although there are many cassava processing equipment manufacturers in the market, the quality of the cassava processing machine provided is uneven. Doing Company is a long-established manufacturer of cassava processing equipment, which has advanced cassava starch, cassava flour and garri production line and technology solutions. DOING can provide cassava grating machine with stable and reliable performance and high output yield, as well as supporting complete set of cassava processing equipment for cassava production line. Leave us a message if you are interested in cassava grinding machine.

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