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Widely cassava starch uses

Date:Mar 22, 2018/ Industry news/ Chat online

Cassava starch is widely used in food and non-food industry, with high ecnomic benefit and good performance. This is the overview of cassava starch uses.

1. Food processing industry:
Kinds of food making uses cassava starch especially the refined food. Such as baked product, also used to make cassava pellet. The food which has been used and need use cassava starch contains freeze  food, meat and fish products and baby food.

cassava starch uses

Cassava starch uses

2. Beverage process use cassava starch:
During the beverage processing, cassava starch sweetness is tast good than sugar, because cassava  starch changed the beverage process better and improve the sweet characteristics, combined cassava starch with other sweeten material, more suitable for people's requests.

3. Cassava starch uses in candy processing:
Cassava starch have strong useage in candy process, like thicken, foam making, control  crystallization, film making, increase color bright. Low viscosity cassava starch wide applied in gliosis  candy like jelly and chewing gum, cassava starch uses in candy making realized the production of sugar-free  gum.

cassava starch uses

Doing Company cassava starch production line

4. Chemical products processing industry:
Cassava starch uses in many chemical products processing can decrease the cost, such as the orgaic acid, vitamins production.

5. Used in adhesive and glue production:
Cassava starch dextrin is a good tackifier, wide applied in paper bag, gummed paper, envelope usage.

6. Textile industry:
To improve the textile efficiency, cassava starch often used as sizing agent to harden and protect yarns in  textile industry, or as finishing agent to produce smooth fabric. Used as a brightener to get a wear- resistence and clear fabric.

cassava starch uses

Cassava starch production equipments in Doing

7. Drug, and cosmetic production:

Cassava starch can be used as a binder tablet production for the drug making. Cassava starch also can mixed with the petroleum or synthetic polymer materials, improve the  biodegradability of production materials, cutting the envirmental protect cost.


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