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How to start garri processing business in Nigeria?

Date:Jun 29, 2021/ Industry news/ Chat online

For your idea of starting garri processing business in Nigeria, Henan Jinrui thinks it is very wise. Because Nigeria is the world's largest producer of cassava, garri is an important food in Nigeria and the Nigerian government has policies to encourage local cassava processing business. How to start garri processing business in Nigeria? Based on the past experience of garri processing machine project, Henan Jinrui proposes three points for you to pay attention to.

First, you should choose a suitable garri processing plant address to start your garri processing business.

The so-called suitable garri processing plant address means that the address can ensure that your garri processing plant has sufficient raw materials for cassava, convenient transportation, and sufficient water and electricity resources. Only when you build a garri processing plant in an address where all the above conditions are met, can your garri processing business go on smoothly and profit soon.

garri processing business in NigeriaThree points for you to pay attention to

Second, you need to determine which garri processing method to use to start the garri processing business.

There are currently three garri processing methods in the garri processing industry: manual, semi-automatic, and fully automated. Using manual processing methods, you need to hire a large number of employees, and manual operations are slow, production efficiency is low, and the quality of the finished garri produced is slightly poor. Using semi-automated processing methods, you need to hire a small number of employees, plus buy a few main garri processing machines, the production efficiency is medium, and the finished garri produced is of medium quality. Using fully automated processing methods, you need to buy fully automated garri processing machines, you just need to hire several employees, the production efficiency is high, the output is large, and the finished garri produced is of good quality.

Finally, choose the correct garri processing machines manufacturer.

The correct garri processing machine manufacturer can provide you with quality service and high-quality garri processing machines. If you choose a garri processing machine manufacturer that integrates design, production and sales like Henan Jinrui, you can enjoy a turnkey project. From the design of the garri processing machine, the garri processing plant layout to the garri processing machine successfully put to production , Henan Jinrui will always escort you.

garri processing machineFully automated garri processing machine of Henan Jinrui

Although Henan Jinrui is a garri processing machines manufacturer in China, our company has established branches and overseas warehouses in Nigeria. Moreover, our company has rich garri processing projects experience in Nigeria, so we have some understanding of garri processing business in Nigeria. If you want to know more about garri processing machine, we are happy to provide you with it. You are welcome to consult us!


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