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How to choose potato starch processing machine ?

Date:Jan 03, 2019/ Industry news/ Chat online

With the development of the starch machinery industry, the potato starch processing machine has developed repidly. Many customers have asked: There are so many manufacturers of potato starch processing machine, and there are so many types and models of equipment. So how to choose potato starch processing machine? Let's talk about this question below. Specifically, there are three major techniques to help you successfully choose potato starch processing machine that suits you.

potato starch processing machinePotato starch processing machine

The current potato starch production process includes a pre-de-slurry process, a post-de-slurry process, a full-hydrocyclone process, a small and medium-sized simple process, and the small and simple process. The investment for the first three processes is suitable for large and medium-sized potato starch production lines. The investment is generally about 200, 000 $, some is more than 400,000 $ or more, the starch quality is good, but the processing cost is relatively high. The processing technology is also relatively complicated, which is suitable for users with strong economic strength. The small and simple processing technology is used by ordinary farmers to process potato starch. The investment is less than 10,000 $, some less than 8,000 $, the processing technology is too simple, therefore starch quality is poor, and it is gradually eliminated in the market competition. The small and medium-sized simple process is suitable for small and medium-sized potato starch production plant investment. The investment is generally between 80,000 $ and 120,000 $. The production process is strictly controlled, therefore it has better starch quality and relatively low processing cost.

potato starch processing plantDifferent scale potato starch processing plant

What should be consider when customers choose potato starch processing machine ?

1. The starch extraction rate of potato starch processing machine

The use of different processing methods and different equipment in obtaining potato starch will result in different starch yield. In order to maximize the extracte as much as potato starch possible, the primary consideration about choose potato starch processing machine is the starch extraction rate. Equipment with high flour extraction rate can increase the economic benefits of potatoes and increase the utilization of resources.

2. The work durability of potato starch processing machine

After harvesting, the starch content in potato will gradually decrease with the storage time. And the softening of the skin will increase the difficulty of processing. Therefore, the potatoes for starch processing should be processed in time after harvesting. Potato processing time is about one month, which requires professional potato starch processng machine to have a strong work durability and can work uninterrupted for a long time. Therefore, you should choose potato starch processing machine with a strong durability to avoid downtime during use.

potato starch processing machine manufacturerPotato starch processing machine manufacturer

3. The efficiency of potato starch processing machine

Processing large quantities of potatoes in the short term requires potato starch processing machine to work efficiently and at the same speed. The customer should judge according to the description of the equipment and the specific working conditions of the equipment in the past. In addition, to choose potato starch processing machine according to the amount of potatoes processed, so as to avoid the large accumulation of potatoes due to the inconsistent processing speed.

When processing potato starch, the economics of potatoes are closely related to potato starch processing machine. Therefore, users should consider choose potato starch processing machine when purchasing, and fully consider the problems that may arise in all aspects. Henan Doing Mechanical Equipment co., Ltd is a professional supplier of starch processing equipment. We have professional starch equipment engineers who can provide professional advice for customers. You can also visit our starch processing equipment manufacturering plant to inspect our equipment and processing capabilities. And DOING engineers can give specific advice based on your actual situation.

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