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Sweet potato starch uses

Date:Jan 02, 2019/ Industry news/ Chat online

With the development of society, sweet potato starch uses are more and more widely by people for their rich nutritional value. As a ediable food, a single edible sweet potato can no longer meet the diverse needs of people, and the starch obtained from sweet potato processing has become one of the indispensable foods in people's daily life.

sweet potato starchSweet potato starch

The starch in the sweet potato is mushy after heating, so that the heat-labile and water-soluble vitamin C is well protected. An important sweet potato starch uses is that the minerals of sweet potato starch play an important role in maintaining and regulating body functions. Calcium and magnesium in sweet potato starch can prevent osteoporosis; potassium has the effect of lowering blood pressure. After the sweet potato is cooked, part of the starch changes, and the dietary fiber can be increased by about 40% compared with the raw food.

In addition, sweet potato contains dietary fiber, carotene, vitamin A, B, C, E and more than 10 kinds of trace elements such as potassium, iron, copper, selenium and calcium. Due to its high nutritional value, sweet poato is called nutrition balanced health food by nutritionists. The starch obtained from the sweet potato processing not only preserve the nutrients it contains, but also better protects the nutrients of the sweet potato itself and increases its taste.

sweet potato starch usesSweet potato starch uses

The sweet potato starch uses is summarized in the following aspects:

(1) Sweet potato starch uses in edible processing: vermicelli.

(2) Sweet potato starc for processing biodiesel. After the World Federation in 2007 banned the use of rice, wheat and corn as the main raw material for biodiesel, the research and development of biodiesel turned to sweet potato starch. Sweet potato starch uses in this section has huge market potential.

(3) Sweet potato starch uses in industrial processing: food packaging paper (bag), clothing fabrics, natural lead-free fabrics, etc.

(4) Sweet potato starch uses in medical processing. 85% of western medicine tablets are starch. monosodium glutamate, human amino acid, veterinary amino acid, modified starch (extracting carotene, blood glucose), food coloring, and the like are important uses.

Due to the wide sweet potato starch uses, low raw material price, and large value-added space for processing and development, sweet potato starch will occupy an increasingly important position in starch industry, and the market prospect of sweet potato starch and starch products processing industry is promising.

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