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Sweet potato starch processing in the Philippines

Date:Jan 08, 2019/ Industry news/ Chat online

With the expansion of the planting range of sweet potato starch processing in the Philippines, thereby increasing the demand for sweet potato starch products, the deep processing of sweet potato starch in various countries has entered a white-hot stage.

Sweet potato is indigenous to South America and the Greater And Lesser Antilles. It is widely cultured in tropical and subtropical regions of the world and is cultivated in most parts of China. The widespread cultivation of sweet potato has led to the invention and manufacture of domestic sweet potato starch machines. This will increase the additional economic benefits of sweet potatoes and drive regional economic development, the flow of people and so on, especially for sweet potato starch processing in the Philippines.

sweet potato starch Sweet potato & sweet potato starch

Sweet potato starch processing in the Philippines has a wide market and high economic efficiency. Therefore, further thinking can be noted that the manufacture of sweet potato starch products has an irreversible trend, not to mention the abundant supply of raw materials. The processing machine of sweet potato starch processing in the Philippines is also highly competitive. Of course, part of the market share of sweet potato starch processing machine is long held by China. Our company, Doing Mechanical Equipment company has improved the economic value of agricultural and sideline products and a clear understanding of the market, and started the research of sweet potato starch processing and cassava product processing machines 7 years ago.

sweet potato starch processing in the philippinesSweet potato starch processing steps

The cause of sweet potato starch processing in the Philippines selling well is due to the extraction rate, so the finished product with good quality. In the process of sweet potato making, the rasping machine plays a key role, and the most common starch grating machine on the market today is the RU series of super rasping machine. Let's talk about the use first. Superfine crushing of tissue cells of potato, cassava, sweet potato and other tubers.

The structural features are as follows:

1.All stainless steel structure, direct connection without conveyor loss;

2.The diameter of the drum is large. The number of blades is distributed, and the replacement period is long;

3.The pulverization path is long, the time is short, the fine fibers are small, the cell tissue is completely broken, and the starch detachment rate is as high as 98% or more;

4.With two holders, the drum can rotate in both directions, which can greatly improve the service life of the blade.

sweet potato starch machineSweet potato rasping machine

The season of sweet potato harvest is getting closer, and many sweet potato growers are buying the sweet potato starch machine that suits them. However, when you understand and search the price of sweet potato starch machine through diverse channels, you can't get an accurate price range. When consulting many of the machinery manufacturers on the market, the price of the equipment obtained will also vary greatly. So, when you want to start to process the sweet potato starch processing in the Philippines, you should know more details of the project, then find a way suits you, and develop your project according to your budget and business plan.

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