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Cassava processing plant in south africa

Date:Mar 07, 2018/ Project/ Chat online/ Technical support

Last year, early October in 2017, one of our customer from South Africa come to visit our factory for cassava processing plant. They wanted the cassava starch processing plant with 20 ton per day. Following is the photo of this customer visiting. And the machine in photo is hydrocyclone for cassava starch concentration and purification.

cassava starch processing plant

South Africa customer visit Doing factory for cassava starch processing plant

This visiting cost 4 days in our factory and office, we are all satisfied. Finially, they signed the contract with us to bought the cassava starch processing plant. And these days, our engineers are helping them to build the factory in South Africa.

cassava processing plant

Cassava starch processing plant under construction

Simple introduction of Doing factory cassava starch processing plant:

The technical process is:

Fresh cassava - Cassava cleaning and washing - Grinding - Starch extraction -  Filtering and desanding - Starch concentration and purification - Dewatering - Drying

Main equipment used in this cassava starch processing plant:

Cassava cage cleaning machine - Cut machine - Rasper - Centrifugal sievemachine - Fine fiber sieve - Disc separator - Hydrocyclone - Vacuum dewater  - Starch air dryer

cassava starch processing plant

Cassava starch processing plant under construction

Cassava processing plant include cassava starch processing plant, cassava flour processing plant, and cassava garri processing plant. We are the manufacturer of cassava processing plant. These days in South Africa, we are helping our customer to build the cassava starch processing plant.

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