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Mini rice mill plant

  • Introduction

Mini rice mill plant adopt permutation and combination method to make the whole machine run smoothly, easy to operate and convenient to maintain. The whole machine consists of hopper, elevator, cleaner and de-stoner, husker, paddy separator, whitener, polisher, rice grade sorter and packaging machine if it is required.

rice millRice

Most small business starter chose mini rice mill plant to start production of paddy after harvesting. Normally small rice processing procedures are as: raw grain rice (paddy) →grinding and milling → rice and chaff separation→ packing.

The mini rice mill plant machine can complete the continuous operation from the paddy cleaning and husking to the milling of white rice. At the same time, the chaff is discharged from the machine, and the fine chaff is collected by the dust collector. The characteristics of the machine are: high shelling rate, less broken rice, low rice temperature, good quality and white rice, less power consumption, easy operation and maintenance.

mini rice mill plantMini rice mill machine

The mini rice mill plant is a household rice milling machine, which can directly mill and process the rice into white polished rice, and simultaneously separate the white rice, the broken rice, the rough and the fine chaff. This equipment is a new type of rice processing equipment, suitable for individual farmers, emergency departments, schools and other units. It is also suitable for small rice processing equipment processed by grain processing households.

mini rice mill plantMini rice mill plant

Main features of mini rice mill plant:

1. Adopting the arrangement and combination method to make the whole machine run smoothly, easy to operate and convenient to maintain.

2. De-stoner machine is absorption type, of which processing effect is reliable and stable, and at the same time, the dust at the time of feeding is reduced, and the operating environment is improved.

3. This equipment adopts the pulverizing system developed by ourselves. The heavy chaff and light chaff can be mixed into the pulverizer for processing. It is the by-product that is fully utilized and increases the economic benefits of mini rice mill plant. Milling and smashing processes are driven by a motor, which saves the user's investment and reduces power consumption.

4. Innovative improvement of the roller machine and the rice output nozzle in rice milling chamber, reduces the rice temperature and lower the content of chaff in finished rice.

mini rice mill plantMini rice mill plant

Detailed process flow of combined mini rice mill plant, please see bellow:

The rice is sent from the single hoist from hopper to the cleaner and de-stoner to remove large impurities and stones, and then sent to the husker machine for de-shelling by the double hoist. The large chaff is discharged from the machine by the fan, and coarse grain mixture is transported to the gravity screen for screening. The unshelled rice through the sifting machine and back to the husker for repetition process. The brown rice enters the rice milling machine, and the rice is collected into packing machine after being whitened and polished, and the fine chaff is collected and packaged by the dust collector.

To sum up, the whole process of combined mini rice mill plant is: raw paddy→ clean and de-stone → husker →paddy separator → whitener and polisher→ rice grade sorter→ finished rice → packing.


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