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Auto rice miller machine

  • Introduction

The modern fully automatic rice mill plant is equipped with the high efficiency cleaning equipment of our Henan Doing Company, the high efficiency shelling equipment, the new grinding equipment and the grading equipment independently developed by our company. The application of these new technologies and equipment makes the complete rice miller machine have a high yield, low broken rice rate and bright finished products. With complete technological process, the complete set of rice miller machine for household rice mill plant can reach automatic and continuous operation from raw grain cleaning, stone removal, multi-stage shelling, multi-stage grinding and polishing, to millet grading bagging and distribution, it is smooth process.

rice miller machineRice miller plant

Compared with other equipment, DOING rice miller machine has less crushing and high rice yield, which makes the processing smoother and more reasonable. The complete set of rice miller machine includes cleaning machine, stone removal machine, husking machine, vertical sand roller milling machine, rice polishing machine, rice classifier, automatic lifting automatic control and other processes. The processed finished rice has bright color and good taste. It is an ideal choice for users.

In additation, DOING rice miller machine has high shelling rate, less broken rice and low temperature, less power consumption, convenient operation and maintenance. New structure, good mechanical stability and easy to disassemble is also the advantage. The high negative pressure rice milling plant makes the processed rice less rice, it has high precision and strong drainage ability. What's more, it can complete the continuous operation from the removal of the net to the white rice, while the chaff is discharged out of the machine, and the fine is collected by the dust collector.

rice miller machineRice miller machine

DOING can produce rice miller machine suitable for all kinds of large, medium and small rice mill plant processing, and is also suitable for large public areas such as school canteens. With automatic operation and high rice yield, it is more able to complete the processing procedures such as grain un-shelling and screening, which provides great convenience for our life.

The small rice miller machine consists of a rack, a grain bin, a sieve box, a grain bin and an electric control device with the characteristics of compact and easy to operate. The cleaning machine can effectively prevent mixing, and is beneficial to ensure the purity of the grain; the operating environment of the DOING small rice mill plant is better than the traditional plant, the operating environment is cleaner than the traditional rice miller machine. The small rice mill plant adopts the combination of suction type and specific gravity type stone removing machine, which has better effect of removing. The process adopts a arranging structure, the process layout is reasonable, no material is stored, the rice is clean, the taste is good, and the texture is broken.

auto rice miller machineRice miller machine

Doing Company is cassava riller machine supplier, provide large, medium and small-scale rice miller machine, with perfect technology, high degree of automation, daily production of tons of rice from cleaning, stone removal, multi-stage shelling, multi-stage grinding and polishing to rice grading bagging, distribution all auto-continuous operation. The process is smooth and easy to operate. The new process of first shelling and light milling is adopted, which completely solves the problem of hard milling with shells in the conventional process.


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