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Rice milling machine

With the development of science and technology, agriculture is also constantly developing. As an important crop, rice has become a staple food for people everywhere. The popularity of rice and the increase in production have also contributed to the development of rice processing equipment. As an important rice processing equipment, the rice milling machine uses the scientific principle and force to peel the brown rice. It is the reprocessing of brown rice, which is gradually popularized and accepted by more and more people.


Here we will focus on the composition and working principle of the rice milling machine, so that it can fully play its role in the process of use.

The composition of the rice milling machine:

First, the original grain processing machine: the mainly used rice milling machine is the cleaning machine and the stone removal machine. Remove impurities (straws, boulder, sand, dust, etc.) from raw rice.

Second, rice processing and packaging machine: the main equipment is husker machine, rice mill, specific gravity machine, polishing machine, decimeter, polishing machine, color sorting machine, packaging scale. The millet is peeled, polished according to the specific gravity, and then polished into a color sorter to extract high-quality rice for packaging and processing into a qualified product.

Third, the collection part: the main rice milling machine is the fan, spiral dust collector, bag dust removal. Collect the cavings and purify the dust to meet environmental requirements.

rice milling machineRice milling machine

The working principle of rice milling machine:

1. Press the power button to start, then put down the pressure. When the time is up, the rice milling machine will stop automatically. First remove the hopper and remove the rind. Then insert the hopper, then take out the pressure, turn the front rotation handle to the right, so that the polished rice of the whitening room falls into the hopper. Turn the timing knob to 0 position, press the power button to make the grinding wheel idle for a few seconds, so that all the rice in the whitening room will fall. Then pull out the rice and sift through the sieve to get the measured rice.

2. When the brown rice flows into the whitening chamber from the hopper, the brown rice is squeezed in the whitening chamber due to the internal pressure and mechanical force of the pressing. After the self-phase friction, and the mutual rubbing between the brown rice and the grinding wheel. That is, the cortex of the brown rice can be quickly removed, and the whiteness measured by the white rice is reached within a certain time of adjustment.

rice milling machineRice milling machine

As a staple food, rice is consumed by nearly 465,000 tons of rice every day in China. More than 60% of the population is rice-based, and per capita consumption of rice is about 110 kg. Therefore, the market for rice milling machines is very broad. DOING's professional rice mill equipment manufacturer can provide you with 20-30 tons of small rice milling machine equipment, 50-60 tons of rice milling machine equipment and 100-120 tons of large rice milling machine equipment. If you want to know more about rice milling equipment, please feel free to consult our engineers.

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