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Rice processing machine

  • Introduction

Rice has a high nutritional value and is a staple food in many countries. With the development of industrialization, the processing quality of rice raw grain is better, the processing technology is becoming more and more complex, and the rice processing machine is also continuously improved and developed.

rice milling plantRice processing plant

The complete rice processing machine consists of the following parts:

1. Cleaning and removing equipment: The task of this rice processing machine is to effectively remove all kinds of impurities contained in rice and improve the purity of rice. The effect of this equipment will affect the quality of finished rice and the process effect of husking and rice milling.

a. Vibrating screen: The rice processing machine used for cleaning is generally a vibrating screen, which is used for removing impurity mixed with rice. It has the rfatures of good effect and high yield. During processing, care should be taken to adjust the position of the adjustable jaws of the feeding mechanism to ensure uniform distribution of material along the width of the screen.

b. Stone removal machine: The stone removal machine utilizes the different specific gravity and suspension speed of the grain and the mixed stone, and uses the air flow to separate the grain and heavier impurities. There are many factors affecting the working effect of this rice processing machine. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully operate. In addition to controlling the movement of the screen body and take care of the cleaning and maintenance of the screen surface, the operation flow, feeding state and suction volume of the equipment need to be take into consideration during the operation.

rice processing machine

c. Magnetic separator:

This rice processing machine mainly removes magnetic impurities. Currently, there are magnetic cylinders and magnetic separators, which can achieve a cleaning effect. After the operation of the magnetic separation equipment, pay attention to the cleaning work of the operation surface. Especially for the magnetic separation equipment that does not have the self-cleaning ability, the magnet should be cleaned at least once in each shift to prevent the iron from accumulating and being washed down to cause damage to the subsequent equipment.

Through the above several rice processing machine, the total amount of impurities in the net paddy after cleaning is <0.3%, including sand <1 grain/kg.

Rice processing machine

2. Paddy husking machine: This machine is mainly used to shell rice and make coarse rice. The rice processing machine can automatically remove the rice shell, has superior performance, stable and reliable operation, low broken rice rate, uniform feeding and high output.

3. Paddy separator: This rice processing machine is generally composed of gravity grain coarse separation sieve and thickness classifier. This machine mainly uses the different proportions of rice and grain roughness to separate the mixture of rice and grain. It has the characteristics of strong separation ability and simple maintenance, which can greatly improve the speed of whole rice processing and improve the economic benefits of rice milling enterprises. It is one of the key equipment for rice milling.

rice processing machine

4. Rice mill: The rice mill is mainly used to grind the layer of mash and germ, and the finished rice meets the prescribed quality standards. The used rice processing machine should keep the rice grains intact, reduce the broken rice, increase the rice yield and reduce the power consumption under the premise of ensuring the finished product.

Rice milling is the main process of rice production. Therefore, it is very important to determine the rice milling process and the selection of rice processing machine. According to the rice milling principle, the rice milling machine is generally divided into three types: milling type, wiping type and mixed type. The modern rice milling process adopts multi-machine light-grinding and whitening route, that is, using multiple rice milling machines, and whitening for many times, so as to achieve the effect of low broken rice rate, high whole rice rate, and good rice appearance quality.

rice processing machineRice processing machine

5. Polishing machine: Rice polishing is to wet rice that accords with certain precision and send it to the rice polishing machine. Under a certain temperature, the rice is polished and the surface of the rice chaff is removed. Thid rice processing machine can improve appearance quality and rice product value, prolong the storage period of rice, maintain the freshness of rice grains, improve the eating quality of rice, and make rice refreshing and slippery.

6. Grading machine: Rice processing machine for grading generally consists of white rice grading sieve and length classifier. Mainly used for grading of whole rice, mixed materials, small granules and glutinous powder. When the finished white rice broken rice content is allowed to be less than 10%, it is generally classified by white rice grading sieve; the broken rice content is allowed to be below 5%, and generally, the white rice grading sieve and the length classifier are used in combination for classification.

rice processing machine

7. Color sorter: White rice may be mixed with different color particles, such as yellow rice, diseased rice, and may also be mixed with foreign matter of the same size as rice. In order to produce high-quality finished rice, it is necessary to carry out color selection through a color sorter to remove these heterochromatic particles and improve the quality of the finished product. The rice processing machine has the characteristics of high precision and long service life, and is the main equipment for rice production.

8. Packing machine: Used to weigh and pack rice. DOING's packaging machine features high precision, easy operation and easy maintenance.

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