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Wheat starch processing machine

Date:Apr 29, 2019/ Starch production line/ Chat online

The old technology of wheat starch processing is that putting water into wheat maceration, grinding and add acid fermentation. Thus the cells surrounding around the starch granule was dissolved and starch is easy to separate. But this method will lose a lot, and proteins in starch not easy to gone, affecting the quality of starch.

wheat starch processingHow to process wheat into starch?

Now we will use the newest technology of wheat starch processing  machine, details as below:

(1) Wheat dough making: Flour is mixed with appropriate proportion water in mixer to form dough. After staying for set time in dough tank, dough enters into watering rotary drum.

(2) Dough watering: Dough is washed by sufficient water being agitated by the blade in rotary drum; the purpose of this step is to wash out starch inner dough.

(3) Gluten screening: The mixture from last step enters to flat screen. Gluten and starch are separated here.

(4)Gluten drying: Gluten on the screen is washed, dewatered, dried and finally crushed to form one of final product gluten powder.

(5)The separation of A-starch and B-starch

After the mixture below the flat screen enters Centrifuge Conical Sieve to remove fiber, they enter into nozzle separator to separate A-starch milk and B-starch milk.

(6) A-starch refining: A-starch milk is further concentrated in cyclone, dewatered and dried to form one of final product A-starch.

(7) B-starch refining: B-starch milk is concentrated separately through nozzle separator and decanter, and dried in gas dryer to form one of final product B-starch.

(8) Fiber handling: Fiber coming from Centrifuge Conical Sieve is concentrated, dewatered and dried to form one of final product animal food.

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