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Tapioca starch production plant flow chart

Date:Apr 29, 2019/ Starch production line/ Chat online
tapioca starch production plantTapioca starch production plant

Tapioca starch production plant flow chart mainly has 8 steps. The detail flow chart of tapioca starch production plant production process is as below:

Fresh cassava/tapioca ------ Tapioca Conveying -------- Removing impurities and washing -------- Tapioca crushing --------Separation of fiber and pulp --------- Fine preparation of starch milk and desanding ---------- Separation of starch and gluten--------- Dehydration and drying of wet starch ---------- Screening, cooling, weighing and packing--------- Final product Cassava Starch for sale

tapioca starch production plant flow chartTapioca starch production plant flow chart


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