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Glucose syrup processing plant

Date:Apr 30, 2019/ Syrup production line/ Chat online

Glucose syrup processing plant introduction

1. Raw material of glucose syrup processing plant

The raw materials of glucose syrup processing plant can be corn/maize,rice/broken rice,all kinds of refined starch.

Something others material is required for the glucose syrup processing plant  include activated carbon, soda-ash, HCL acid,  water, packaging material, electricity and fuel oil.

glucose syrup processing plant

2. The simple running introduction of glucose syrup processing plant

Slurry of starch of about 60 % water is prepared and treated with HCL acid in a converter where the reaction takes over at 150 0C and maintained for 15 minutes.The treated slurry is then transferred to wooden vats where it is neutralized with soda-ash solution. Then it is filtered and further refined by activated carbon.Then it passes through a vacuum evaporator where it gets the required concentration. After being cooled the liquor is packed ready for shopping

Alternatively, maltose syrup and high-DE glucose syrups can be produced by two-stage acid/enzyme or enzyme/enzyme saccharification process.

glucose syrup processing plantGlucose syrup processing plant

3.Machinery and equipment of glucose syrup processing plant

1. Corn starch milk processing equipment

2. Corn starch milk adjustment equipment

3. Liquefaction equipment

4. Saccharification equipment

5. Decolorization equipment

7. Ion exchange equipment

8. Evaporation equipment

9. Final product storage tank

Above all is the simple description of glucose syrup processing plant raw material and the main equipment.My company is the professional glucose syrup processing plant machine supplier in China.You can come to my factory to see the glucose syrup processing machine.


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