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Deproteinization system

Deproteinization system Introduction

Because of glucose inside have too much protein, so the glucose slurry need pumping into the press filter, after press the glucose slurry the syrup will flow into the slot, the protein will stay inside the filter machine.

deproteinization systemDeproteinization system



Technical parameter of Deproteinization system


Model Output/m2 Powder/KW Remark
GS-20 80 3 Thermostability polypropylene
GS-30 100 3 Thermostability polypropylene
GS-50 120 4 Thermostability polypropylene
GS-100 150 5.5 Thermostability polypropylene



Deproteinization system can applied in the following glucose syrup production line :

(1) Corn glucose syrup production line

(2) Rice glucose syrup production line

(3) Wheat glucose syrup production line

(4) Cassava glucose syrup production line

(5) Potato glucose syrup production line

(6) Fructose syrup production line


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