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Potato starch extraction process

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Potato starch extraction process is the most important section for whole potato starch production line request high technology level, the starch extraction rate from potato decided the final starch yield and the using rate of raw materials, that's to say the potato starch extraction process performanvce better, the raw material cost can saving more. This article is mainly to introduce the potato starch extraction process for you, also include the main equipments demanded:

potato starch extraction process

Main equipments used for potato starch extraction process

In the potato starch extraction process, we can take it as three procedures-releasing and extracting starch, removin impurities, refining and concentration. Potato starch is a kind of white powder that is extracted from fresh potato. The whole process for starch production can be divided into three parts: potato cleaning and washing process, potato starch extraction process and starch slurry dewatering and drying process.

Procedure One: releasing and extracting starch. Rasper machine is the key equipment for potato starch extraction process, which directly affect starch extraction rate. The machine can grind potato into small fine particles, to break potato cells so that starch can be released as much as possible. Larger improve the raw material using rate for potato starch extraction.

Procedure Two: removing impurities. Centrifuge sieve firstly remove fiber and other impurities, special fine fiber that goes through centrifuge sieve would be eliminated in fine fiber sieve. At last, starch slurry will goes into desander machine to clean out sand and other sundries. This procedure function is to get clean starch slurry in potato starch extraction process.

Procedure Three: refining and concentration. The procedure is used to remove protein and fats, etc. Which   existed in the starch slurry, and at the same time it can concentrate starch slurry before dewatering process. Here DOING company adopt "Disc separator + Hydrocyclone" technology, which increase the capacity and assure stable running of the equipment as well.

Main equipment used in potato starch extraction process are rasper, centrifuge sieve, fine fiber sieve, desander, disc separator and hydrocyclone. DOING company also can provide you full complete potato starch production line based on actual requirements and budget.

potato starch extraction process

Potato starch production line supply by Doing Company

It's worth to say that the most important equipments for potato starch extraction process is the rasper. Rasper is widely used in potato starch extraction process for crushing materials. This machine mainly crush the potato into very small particles.The equipment has the advantages of moden design, compact structure, high rotational speed, high grinding coefficient.  Rasper adopted guarantee a high extraction of bound starch. It is a high-efficiency crushing equipment developed by Doing company in combination with advanced technology at home and abroad. Better than traditional hammer type crusher, this rasper make the starch extraction rate reach to 95%, highest using rate of raw materials.

This potato starch extraction process used rasper technical parameters as below:

Model CM-250





Rotor width(mm)

250 300 350 500 600


7.5-15 55-90 110-132 160-200 200-250


1500 2700 3200 3800 4500


≤12 ≤20



The main features of DOING potato rasper:

1. It is a bidirectional rasper, with the modular design. So it can be changed easily.

2. Easy to change the backing screen, simple clamping device, easy operation.

3. Special slot design in order to saw blades easily.

4. Its contact materials part is stainless steel.

5. Cassva rasper  adopts Sweden SKF bearing and Gernany Optibelt, long service life.

To sum up, this is the descreption of the potato starch extraction process and its main equipments demand. We also can design and manufacturer the whole potato starch production line for you, as your requests to design the production plan.


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