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How to choose cassava flour processing machinery suppliers?

Date:Aug 10, 2020/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

Suppliers are the lion's head of the entire supply chain. Suppliers influence the success of manufacturers in terms of product quality, delivery time, inventory level, product design, etc. The quality and price of the machinery supplied by the supplier determine the quality and price of the final cassava flour product, which affects the market competitiveness, market share and market viability of the final cassava flour. Whether you're new to building a factory or you're an veteran looking for a new supplier partner, when you start to learn about a cassava flour processing machinery supplier, you should consider the following factors:

1.The quality factor

The quality is the survival of the supply chain, the use value of machinery is based on the quality of machinery, which determines the final quality of cassava flour, affects the market competitiveness. Therefore, the quality of cassava flour processing machinery is an important factor in choosing a supplier.

As a professional machinerysuppliers, After repeated deliberation and confirmation of the overall and detailed machinery by professional designers, Doing Holdings - Henan Jinrui’s cassavaflourprocessing machinery adopts excellent mechanical materials and advanced technology and is manufactured in strict accordance with each design standard. The quality of the machinery is well guaranteed.

cassava flour processing machineCassava flour processing machines and DoingHoldings-HenanJinrui

2.The price factor

The low price of machinery means that factories can reduce their production and operation costs, which plays an obvious role in improving enterprises' competitiveness and increasing profits. Therefore, price is an important factor in choosing suppliers. However, the lowest price supplier is not necessarily the most appropriate, there are many factors to consider, such as the delivery time of machinery, transportation costs and service level.

Doing Holdings - Henan Jinrui’s machinery may not be the lowest price in the machinery industry, but our cassava flour processing machinery is definitely the most cost-effective. It's really excellent excellent value for money.

3.The punctual delivery factor

Whether the machinery can be delivered and installed on time according to the agreed time directly affects the continuity of production and supply activities. It also affects inventory levels at all levels of the supply chain, affects the market response speed of the producers, and interrupts the production and sales plans of producers.

Doing Holdings - HenanJinrui has always treated customers sincerely and responsible. We insist on giving professional advice to customers and focus on their needs. Our company has professional design, R&D team, advanced technology, and complete equipment manufacturing capabilities. Once the mechanical design is confirmed with the customer, each department will immediately operate in an orderly manner, produce excellent equipment for the customer, and deliver and install it on time.

cassava fkour processing machineDoing Holdings - Henan Jinrui delivers machines to manufacturers

4.Overall service level

A high level of service machinery suppliers, with a sincere and responsible attitude to treat you. They will work with you on the mechanical handover, help you deal with various emergencies encountered during the mechanical installation process, and track the use and maintenance of subsequent machines. Choosing a machinery supplier with high overall service level can not only reduce the burden of dealing with machinery problems at the beginning of the factory, but also contribute to the long-term development of the factory.

Doing Holdings - Henan Jinrui has a professional and experienced installation and commissioning team to ensure the stable operation of the equipment after installation and commissioning. After installation and operation, we will continue to track the customer's machinery usage and investigate the customer's experience of using the machinery. At any time, we are willing to solve all kinds of problems in the use of machinery for customers, and help customers solve the difficulties in the use of machinery.

cassava flour processing machine

When choosing cassava flour processing machinery suppliers, most factories refer to all kinds of written materials and self-introduction provided by suppliers, or rely on their own subjective imagination. Therefore, human factors are relatively large in the selection of suppliers. It is too one-sided for producers to understand these, and a comprehensive evaluation index system of suppliers should be formed, including such aspects as market reputation, product quality, price, punctual delivery, overall service level, etc., so as to make a comprehensive, specific and objective evaluation of suppliers. Doing Holdings - Henan Jinrui’s machinery has always been confident to face customer visits, investigations and evaluations. Welcome your inquiry!


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