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Cassava flour processing steps

Date:Nov 19, 2018/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

Exploring the cassava flour processing steps, the following will outline the necessity and the points that need attention in the cassava flour processing steps before dewatering

1. Selected raw materials:

The quality of flour has a good relationship with the selected raw materials. The cassava yield of less than 10 months is low. Cassava has been refined for more than 24 months will cause great difficulties for crushing and extraction. The increase in the rate of cost reduction will affect the economic benefits. This is the most original starting point in the cassava flour processing steps.

cassava flour processing machineCassava washing machine

2. Cleaning and conveying:

The purpose of cleaning and washing in cassava flour processing steps is to remove sand, soil and ash, and also facilitate the subsequent process. Cleaning is performed at the same time of conveying, so the feeding should be uniform. The operator should also pay attention to the pressure of water, and the water pressure is too low to be taken the sediment.

3. Crushing:

Since the cassava root is very long and has been lignified near the main pole, it cannot be pulverized without being broken. The purpose of the crushing is to make sure that the crusher is operating normally. In some factories, there is no crushing process to make the load increase, then the service life is lowered. The second is to fully increase the yield and quality. This is a key factor in the cassava flour processing steps.

(In this cassava flour processing steps, when operating please pay attention to the motor temperature and machine sound, the sound suddenly becomes smaller, indicating that there is too much material in the crusher. At this time, the feed amount should be reduced.)

cassava flour processing machinePlate frame filter press

4. Dewatering:

Dewatering in cassava flour processing steps serves to press water out of cassava slurry.  For small scale cassava flour processing plant, simple hydraulic press can achieve the dewatering effect. Plate frame filter press is recommended for large scale processing plant to ensure better effect.

5. Drying:

The main function of drying operation in cassava flour processing steps is to dry cassava flour to the desired quality. The principle of this step is that by utilizing high speed hot air to achieve the instant drying of cassava flour. The temperature of hot air should not be too high to avoid pasting phenomenon.

6.Sieving and packing:

The dried flour is further sieved to improve the fineness to meet higher standard. And the final cassava flour processing steps is packing. The cassava flour should be packed carefully and stored in warehoouse timely.

cassava flour processing machineCassava flour sieving machine

China is the most important importer of cassava, and Nigeria is the largest producer of cassava. China and Nigeria have broad prospects for cooperation in cassava cultivation, processing, trade and investment. This means that the use of cassava flour processing steps has a transparent market. Cassava is a major food for Nigeria. Except for mechanized planting in a few areas, Nigerian farmers generally grow in small scale in a natural way without applying fertilizer, but the improvement of varieties, field management and soil nutrient maintenance have yet to be improved. The phenomenon of cassava export in the international market in Nigeria has greatly increased the demand for raw material, which has prompted West African countries, especially Nigeria, to target the export of cassava and related products to markets such as Europe and Asia, as a new growth point for increasing national fiscal revenue and expanding export earnings.

Participation in the Nigerian cassava cooperation is conducive to the export of Doing Group food processing equipment. Since cassava roots are highly perishable, food processing is of great importance to the future of cassava. Food processing related machinery and equipment is facing a favorable exporter to Nigeria. Throughout the Nigerian cassava processing industry, whether it is cassava processed products and deep processed products, its outstanding problems are minimal processing technology, insufficient processing capacity, single processing products, and fragile and incomplete systems. However, modernizes cassava flour processing steps can be performance by Our company Doing Group’s machinery.

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