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Cassava flour processing plant

  • Introduction

Cassava is also called tapioca, yuca, manioc or mandioca which can be converted into cassava flour through a series of processing in cassava flour processing plant. The whole process of cassava flour production including the following steps:

Cassava choosing-cleaning-washing-peeling-grating-dewatering-drying-sieving-packing

cassava flour processing plantCassava flour processing plant

Step 1: Cassava choosing

As the basis of cassava flour production, the quality of raw cassava is directly related to the quality of cassava flour. Therefore it is important to choosing high quality cassava which is healthy, mature, firm, freshly harvested cassava roots in cassava flour processing plant. Besides, the flesh of the rots should have no bruises and be white with no cracking and few fibrous roots.

Step 2: Cassava cleaning

After fresh cassava is harvested, the soil, stone, leaves and other debris mixed with the cassava should be removed in time. It will be better to harvest the cassava and then enter the cassava flour processing plant and processing it on the same day, so as to guarantee the freshness of raw materials, thus improving the quality of cassava flour.

cassava cleaning machineCassava cleaning machine

Step 3: Cassava washing

The cleaned cassava is then transported into paddle washing machine for removing dirt, sand, outer peels and other impurities in cassava flour processing plant. This machine adopts the countercurrent method which the direction of the flow of water is opposite to that of the material being washed. The raw material floats on the water and moves along the internal groove along with the rolling blade, and rotates in the water to rub against each other to remove the external soil and impurities, and the heavier sand and other heavy impurities sink to the bottom of the tank.

Step 4: Cassava peeling

Then the washed cassava is sent to cassava peeling machine to peel the roots and remove the outer peels and subcutaneous cuticle of cassava roots. Failure to peel properly will result in off-colour in the product flour in cassava flour processing plant. The peeling machine designed by Doing Company can achieve a peeling rate of more than 95% which ensures high quality of final products.

cassava peeling machineCassava peeling machine

Step 5: Cassava grating

The role of grating is to destroy the structure of cassava, so that tiny particles can be disassembled and released from the root. This is the most important for it determines the cassava flour yield. In cassava flour processing plant, rasper is a widely used grating. DOING rasper absorbs advanced international technology which can achieve a breaking rate more than 94%.

Step 6: Cassava flour dewatering

The grated cassava is then transported into plate frame filter press for dewatering in cassava flour processing plant. The dewatering process mainly serves to press the excess water so as to meet the standard for drying.

Step 7: Cassava flour drying

Then the dewatered starch is further dried by flash dryer to the required moisture content of the commercial starch in cassava flour processing plant. The heat source of the air dryer is the steam heat exchanger. Wet cassava flour is heated by hot air and water is evaporated. After drying, cassava flour is separated from air in a set of cyclone separators.

cassava flour dewatering machineCassava flour dewatering machine

Step 8: Cassava flour sieving and packing

Sieving is an important step for obtaining high quality cassava flour, free of fiber with a good particle size. In cassava flour processing plant, vibration sieve is used for the sieving of cassava flour to improve the fineness of the final products. Then the sieved cassava flour is packed into 25Kg or 50Kg according to the requirements.

Doing Company is an enterprise specialize in researching, manufacturing and installing the complete set of cassava flour production machine for cassava flour processing plant. We can help with the plant engineering design according to customer requirements, with the most reasonable space to put the whole processing equipment so as to achieve a more reasonable use of equipment and plant.

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