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How to make starch from potato?

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Potato starch is colorless, high toughness, high viscosity and high stability, and it has unique characteristics that other starch production cannot match. Potatoes came from the Andes. Because potato tubers are full of starch, protein, dietary fiber and vitamins, they have high nutritional value. They are known as ”underground apples” and ”second bread. ” They are widely grown in Asia, Africa and Europe. As the second largest plant starch, which is second only to corn starch, potato starch is commonly used in textile, pharmaceutical and food fields. Therefore, potato starch is one of the important plant starch. With the discovery of the value of potato starch, the research on how to make starch from potato is common.

potato starchPotato starch

The process of how to make starch from potato is gradually optimized. The extraction process is stable, and the yield is high. The use of potato to prepare starch has a long tradition. With the continuous advancement of technology, its technology has been greatly improved, more scientific, and more efficient in the conversion. At the same time, potato is made as a health food in life. It is a variety of food forms and is widely loved by people. In order to solve the problems existing in various food processing in the current social development, the starch industry has become an important link in the contemporary food processing enterprises. In order to increase the production and comprehensive benefits of the starch industry, various kinds of starch extraction processes are combined. Mechanical extraction equipment to find the way of how to make starch from potato is necessary.

how to make starch from potatoHow to make starch from potato

With the improvement and optimization of potato starch extraction technology, the method of to make starch from potato is gradually matured in China. Then how to make starch from potato? The rough process of how to make starch from potato is stated below:

(1) Weighing / conveying:

The potato is weighed on the weighbridge and stored in the potato yard in potato starch processing plant.

(2) Stone removal / cleaning:

The potato after the stone is washed into a squirrel cage cleaner for how to make starch from potato.

(3) Separation of impurities:

Floating impurities such as leaves, branches, wood and other debris will be removed through the separation grid.

(4) Unloading spiral:

The temporary hopper should be in a position to store approximately one hour of potato material required for production for for how to make starch from potato.

potato starch processing machinePotato crushing machine

(5) Honing:

Honing efficiency is crucial to the total yield of potato starch.

(6) Fiber extraction

Starch slurry that contains fibers are removed for how to make starch from potato.

(7) Sand removal

(8) Refinement

Other soluble and insoluble impurities are removed.

(9) Starch dehydration

Starch milk is dehydrated to a moisture content of below 40% for how to make starch from potato.

potato starch processing machinePotato starch drying machine

(10) Starch drying and packaging:

For how to make starch from potato, the dehydrated starch cake is conveyed to the feed port of the airflow dryer through a conveyor belt and enters the lifter through the feeder. The heat source of the airflow dryer is a steam heat exchanger.

Potato is one of the main ingredients in current agricultural production, and it is the highest form of crops in agricultural production. The starch of the potato is one of the most common forms of starch in people's daily life. The numerous problems and methods in the production process are the basic premise and key factors to meet the demand of starch. In the preparation of starch, it is necessary in order to combine scientific and technological measures and equipment for comprehensive analysis and utilization. I believe that with the development of potato starch manufacturing equipment of how to make starch from potato, the economic benefits of potatoes will be higher than before.

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