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Complete cassava processing machine that can turn into different cassava products

Date:2022-11-18/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support
Cassava is widely grown in tropical countries such as Africa and can be processed into different products such as garri, cassava flour and cassava starch. As an experienced cassava processing equipment manufacturer, we often hear customers ask: Do you offer a production line that can process cassava into a variety of products? The answer is, of course, we can customize the production line according to the different needs of customers.

cassava machine into different cassava productsList of main cassava products

First of all, you need to know that the production process of different products is different, so some machines can be shared but some machines cannot be shared during processing. For example, cassava flour production requires peeling, while cassava starch production does not. Cassava garri production requires relatively coarse particle size after crushing, while cassava flour production and cassava starch production require finer particle size, so the choice of crushing section machines is different. The end of article will attach the production process of different products and the list of required machines for you to compare.

For machines that can be shared, such as some machines in the cleaning section and crushing section, we will adjust the machine parameters for you according to your estimated product, so as to ensure that different production needs can be met. But there is a problem you need to pay attention to, if one of the shared machines fails working, it will affect the entire production process. The period of downtime has a certain impact on your production efficiency. This is an inevitable shortcoming of the combined production line, but Doing's machines will complete a full range of test work before leaving the factory, and engineers will also provide remote guidance during the installation and commissioning process. In addition, we can also help train your employees on how to operate the machine, as correct operating steps will increase the service life of the machine.

cassava processing machineSome common machines in cassava processing

For machines that cannot be shared, we offer recommendations based on your budget. If you have enough budget and a large site to build factory, we recommend that you choose a complete set of fully automated equipment to improve production efficiency, shorten production cycle, and speed up product sales cycle. If you have a limited budget and want to start with small-scale production, we recommend that you use a semi-automated production line, where some steps are performed manually, such as washing and packing sections.

Seeing this, I believe you have a general understanding of buying machines that can process cassava into different products. If you want to know more questions about what preparations should be made to invest in building a factory, how to customize the production line, how much the machine costs, and what are the after-sales service, please leave us a message or contact us by phone.

Additional information

Garri production process and required machines:

Cleaning and washing cassava tubers(dry sieve and paddle washer)-peeling tubers(peeling machine)-grating into pulp(garri grater)-fermentation-dewatering(hydraulic press)-crushing cassava cake(hammer crusher)-frying garri(garri fryer)-sieving garri(vibration sieve)-packing finished garri(packaging machine).

Cassava flour production process and required machines:

Cleaning and washing cassava tubers(dry sieve and paddle washer)-peeling tubers(peeling machine)-grinding into pulp(cutting machine and rasper)-dewatering(filter press)-crushing cassava cake(hammer crusher)-drying wet flour(flash dryer)-sieving flour(sifter sieve)-packing dry flour(packaging machine).

Cassava starch production process and required machines:

Cleaning and washing cassava tubers(dry sieve and paddle washer)-grinding into pulp(cutting machine and rasper)-separating starch(horizontal centrifugal sieve and fine fiber sieve)-refining starch milk(hrdrocyclone station)-dewatering(vacuum filter/peeler centrifuge)-drying starch(flash dryer)-sieving(sifter sieve)-packing(packaging machine).


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