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What is the price of cassava slicer machine?

Date:2022-08-05/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support
Cassava slices are one kind of chips or slices made from fresh cassava roots. Some locals use dried cassava chips to process cassava flour, which is low cost and easy to process. However, dried cassava slices can be processed not only into cassava flour, but also into ethanol and as animal feed.

For small capacity cassava slices, locals can cut cassava tubers then dry slices by sunlight. If client wants big capacity in short time, mechanized production is the best choice. Henan Jinrui can process many different capacities cassava slicer machine from 5 ton per hour to 30-40 tons per hour with the price of $5,000 to about $100,000. Like the photo shows:

cassava slicer machineDifferent capacity cassava slicer machine from HENAN JINRUI

Choose suitable cassava slices production line

First, small scale cassava slices production line. The required machines are dry sieve, paddle washer, cassava peeler, cassava slicer. The fresh cassava is passed through a conveyor belt to a dry sieve and paddle washer to remove the dirt, sand, weeds, small stones and other impurities attached to the cassava. The peeler peels off the two layers of the cassava, and finally the peeled cassava is sliced by a cassava slicer. The cassava slices are naturally dried into dry cassava slices. The small scale cassava slicer production line is simple to operate and requires little investment. However, affected by the natural climate, the production efficiency is low, and it is more suitable for small scale household production.

small scale cassava slicer machineSmall scale cassava slices production line

Second, large scale cassava slices production line. The required machines are dry sieve, paddle washer, cassava peeler, cassava slicer, flash dryer, packaging machine. The fresh cassava is washed, peeled, cut into slices, and then quickly dried into dry cassava slices by an flash dryer, and then packaged and stored by a packaging machine. You can equip multiple cassava slicers according to your planed output. The large scale cassava slices production line has high efficiency and high degree of automation, which is suitable for large scale production of cassava slices.

large scale cassava slices processing machineLarge scale cassava slices production line for sale

Henan Jinrui has been engaged in cassava processing for decades, and has a professional R&D team and excellent after-sales service. Besides cassava slicer machine, we also manufacture other cassava processing machine, such as garri processing machine, cassava/fufu flour processing machine and cassava starch processing machine. If you have any ideas for starting a cassava processing business, feel free to drop us a message. We will be happy to receive your inquiry and reply you as soon as possible.


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