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How sweet potato starch are produced in starch processing plant?

Date:Mar 25, 2022/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

Sweet potato is one of the world’s most important food crops in terms of human consumption, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa, parts of Asia, and the Pacific Islands. It is grown in many developing countries than any other root crop. Moreover, sweet potato starch has strong water absorption and high gelling function, so it is widely used into daily life. Because of affect of covid-19, the demand for food increases and the price of agriculture products is becoming higher, so it is good time to start your own sweet potato starch business if you plan to invest one project. As a beginner, you need to know that how to produced sweet potato starch in starch processing plant.Today, Henan Jinrui Food Engineering will introduce to you.

sweet potato starch processing Raw material sweet potato

The whole producing procedure is simple. All of sweet potato starch processing part will be divided into three parts: washing , processing and drying.

sweet potato starch proccessing machineryWashing machine

Washing part: You can use hopper to hold all sweet potato firstly, and then transporting them into dry sieve machine by conveyor, which can clean the muddy and leaves on the surface of sweet potato. After dry sieve machine, there will be water slot to clean the material again. Then you also need one destone machine to remove stone and other small granules. There will be another water slot to clean sweet potato again. Then sweet potato will go into rotary washing machine to fully wash sweet potatoes.

sweet potato starch proccessing machineryProcessing machine

Processing part: Rasper machine, centrifuge sieve machine, hydrocyclone station, and dewater machine will be used in this part. Rapser will fully grind the sweet potato into mash. The centrifuge machine will separate fiber from sweet potato milk. The hydrocyclone can concentrate and refine sweet potato starch.

sweet potato starch proccessing machineryFlash dryer

Drying part: Flash dryer is used to dry the sweet potato starch. This machine can dry sweet potato starch within 2-3seconds, which can greatly decrease the sweet potato starch production time.

To sum up, the steps of sweet potato starch is not so difficult. Such modern sweet potato starch processing plant can be fully operated by automatic sweet potato starch processing machine. Therefore, if you want to learn more about sweet potato starch processing machine, please contact Henan Jinrui Food Engineering freely. We will give you suitable suggestions for your project.


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