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How to purchase cassava processing machine when the budget is limited?

Date:Jun 15, 2022/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

Cassava tubers are the main crops in Africa because of their high consumption and easy planting. To add more value to cassava material, more and more people are involved in cassava processing. For most locals, they still process cassava tubers by manual to get final productions, like garri, cassava flour, cassava starch, attieke, etc.

three kinds of cassava productsGarri, cassava flour and cassava starch

However, the cassava processing supply falls short of demand everywhere. So locals must choose a more effective method to process cassava tubers. That is mechanized production to save time and create more benefits. But how to purchase a cassava processing machine when the client’s budget is limited?

HENAN JINRUI, a professional cassava processing machine manufacturer, has produced various cassava processing machines with different capacities with its long experience. They have different sizes and capacities to meet your requirements.

mainly cassava flour processing machineMainly cassava flour processing machines

If the client with a limited budget for cassava processing, we will advise the client to choose some main machine to start the process first and expand the business step by step. There are some examples: in garri processing, clients can choose some necessary machines like a grating machine, a hydraulic press machine, and a garri fryer to start gradually. In cassava flour processing, clients can choose a grating machine, a hydraulic press machine, a flash dryer, a fine mill machine, and a vibration sieve to process flour. Other steps by manual. Generally speaking, the configuration is various, there must be an option to meet your requirement. [Recommend reading: What are the machines used to process cassava to garri?]

Of course, if the budget is sufficient, you can purchase any cassava processing machine to meet your needs. And you can choose a complete unit cassava processing machine to promote your capacity and automatization.

So when you have an idea to venture cassava processing project, please feel free to send us a message. HENAN JINRUI will provide you with the most suitable cassava processing machine. We are pleased to get your news.


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